Our animal friends are wise, sentient beings who love us unconditionally day after day...

They are the ultimate mirrors into our own souls reflecting to us our humanity, our infinite ability to love, and at times reflecting patterns in our life and soul that need tending. And...there is the fur, the tails, the fins and scales to lure us into submission to love and tend to their every need.



Animal Communication is in our nature


For the most part just by living with these sweet, messy bundles of love, we have a pretty good idea of what they are trying to say to us. Through their body language, their barking or the clear and elegant swoosh of a tail.

But for those times that we can't read what our animal friends are feeling, needing; and we know that something is out of balance, but we are just not sure what, we can use telepathy to talk with them and co-create supportive healing with them to restore balance. 

I offer you & your animals...

I offer translation for your animals so they can share what is in their heart, their joy and pain and everything in between.

I offer you skill building to assist you, the humans in reconnecting with your inner animal communicator.  

My role is to assist you to communicating more clearly with your animal friends and to support you both with the learning & healing you are here to create in this lifetime.



What is an animal communication session like?


You and I will talk on the phone while I translate for your animal friends, using a photo that you have emailed me of them. Sessions offer you a deep and sacred space to connect and tend to the bond between you. Sessions are very conversational and there is time to ask your animal friend questions and hear what is in their heart. 

I offer this work over the phone because even the most well-adjusted animals are more comfortable and ready to talk when they are in the comfort of their own home, without the distraction of a visitor.

Over the phone, I am able to maintain a clear and uninterrupted connection with your animal during a session and the healing we create for them will be received while they are in a deep place of relaxation. 

What you can expect from your session

Compassionate & Accurate loving translation for your animal friends, feelings, needs and requests

Dynamic shifts in the whole household to support healthy changes

A deeper bond with your animal friends and seeing them for the remarkable, brilliant sentient beings they are

An ethical, professional and high integrity approach to sessions


All sessions are offered at a distance, over the telephone. 

Fee's include the 15-30 minute pre-session tune-in with your animals that I do, just before our call. 


Initial sessions:

One animal:  60 minutes  $100

Two animals in the same home: 75 minutes $125  

Up to three animals in the same home:  90 minutes $150  


Follow up sessions for return clients:   

For one animal:  minutes $65  / 60 minutes $100


Please note, I do not offer sessions for lost animals



Disclaimer: Animal communication is a lovely way to hear what your animals have to say and share with you. Animal communication can be complimentary to, but is not a replacement for modern medical care for your animal friends. 

While your animals can offer insight into what they are feeling this information is by no means a diagnose. I do not offer diagnosis or offer medical treatment,  for animals.  Nor do I offer future predictions for you or your animals. 


Love notes about this offering ....

Thank you! Monks has been noticeably more confident, Sophie less fearful.

We the humans too have a better understanding of how to communicate to the furry girls- all around a successful change! You are amazing!
— Rob, Keri & the furry girls

I want you to know how much the information you relayed to us helped “Whiskey” in her last months on this earth.

It was invaluable and for that I thank you
— Lisa & Jen

There is such a positive change with Jack today. On our walk this morning it was obvious that he looked unburdened and lighter.

We have a much deeper understanding of Jack which makes us love him even more. Thank you so much.
— Geoffrey, Maria and Jack

Thank you for your help with our new dog Bandit. Your communication with her paved the way for her successful transition from life as a prized show dog to a happy adventuresome companion for us!
— Judy and Martin
Mabel is a new dog! She has gained a whole new level of confidence and happiness since you did your healing work on her.

I can’t thank you enough for helping our sweet, forgiving pup!

Blessings to you and the wonderful gift you have.
— Jane