10 Signs That You Need a Stronger Energetic Boundary

Photo by AdobeStock/Slasnyi

Photo by AdobeStock/Slasnyi

Plus a few heartfelt tips to build one with LOVE

We all need energetic boundaries, but for sensitive, empathic and intuitive people they are vital.

Our energetic boundary is part of a larger system of boundaries that work together. On the physical level, we have our skin to keep things like germs out of our body. In our emotional being, we use our words and body language to define our emotional boundaries, in order to define our own emotional identity. 

All of these boundaries work together to assist us in defining what is and is not us, and to enable us to live authentically.
It can be pretty clear when our physical and emotional boundaries are in need of repair. But how can we tell when our energetic boundary is in need of some TLC? 


The top 10 signs our energetic boundary needs tending

1.    We get easily overwhelmed

2.    We feel drained before, during or after our interactions with others, even those we love

3.    We feel as if we “pick up” the emotions or energy of those we spend time with 

4.    Our breath is regularly shallow and high in our chest, or we often hold our breath 

5.    We regularly feel scattered, spacy or floaty 

6.    We feel the essence or presence of other people in our personal energetic space when they are no longer around us

7.    We easily get entangled in other people’s drama, stresses, illnesses and emotions

8.    We find it difficult or impossible to have conversations with those who have ideas, opinions, or religious or political beliefs that differ from ours

9.    We regularly rely on emotional or energetic walls between us and other people, to feel safe

10 .  We avoid events, activities or people that we love because they are too overwhelming 



Recognize these signs?

Setting and keeping sound energetic boundaries is essential for energy-sensitive, empathic, and intuitive folks. However, it is one of least talked about and taught skills. Further still, often energetic protection tools are taught as boundaries, despite not being boundaries at all. Sensitive folks have so many gifts to share, but it is only when we have our boundaries to keep us safe that we can fully learn how to work with our gifts. 


If you are recognizing one or more of the top 10 indicators our boundaries needed boosting, check out my other free posts on energetic boundaries below, Or if you want more information, buy my book, Energetic Boundaries 101, a fully illustrated (and fun read) book on how to create and maintain clear and loving energetic boundaries. 

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