Letting go and transforming our animal's stories


Several years ago I was sitting on my porch swing with a friend on one side of me and my dog Bernard on the other. My friend asked about Bernard’s story. I shared with her what I knew of his past.  Later that day, my dog Bernard said to me, “I wish you had not told her all of that.” I was a little surprised to be honest. I often had shared his past (as he had relayed it to me) with his vet and our friends thinking I was helping them better understand Bernard and his past.                

Bernard went on to tell me, “Now every time she looks at me she will show me mental pictures of the things you told her about me. She may never be able to see me for who I am today and it will be that much harder for me to get out from under the feelings I am ready to move on from.”

Leaping Lizards! He was so right! I had never thought about that. How could he move forward, if I never gave him the space to do so? Just as important, why was I so stuck on the story of his difficult past, when here before me is an amazing story of healing and transformation?

Bernard gave me a very precious gift that day, the ability to see the world differently.

I still believe it can be important to learn about our animal’s past in the ways it can benefit their future. However, I believe we as the humans need to become better equipped to process and release the stories that keep us and our animals stuck in trauma.

Release it, Move it, let it go…

The energy of trauma (perceived trauma or real) needs an escape route, in order to move and transform itself. Our stories and how we relate to them can trap energy or release it. 

Telling the same story of what we know happened to our animal friends over and over to anyone who will listen, keeps the energy of the trauma alive and thriving. Each time we tell the story, our imaginations feed it like adding new fresh dry logs to a fire. 

Choosing to release this energy can be a difficult one. I get it! When I hear about how an animal has been hurt, I feel awful.  I don’t understand how someone could hurt an animal. But unintentionally transferring my emotion response back to the animal who has already suffered is the last thing I want to do. To really help this animal, we want to move the suffering as far away as we can from that critter.

We all move energy and emotion in our own unique ways. Some exercise it off and use the rush of adrenaline in their system to move it out, some sing it out, some people create simple release rituals to let go. Anything done with intent can become a sacred place to let energy and stories go. Most importantly offer that energy movement and a pathway to transform it.

Here is one idea. Sit quietly with your animal friend with whom you would like to start the healing process.

On a piece of paper jot down a list of things you know about his or her past. These can be feelings, idea’s, or images whatever you are holding.

For example:



He was abandoned

Ok, you get the idea. Now here comes the healing part. On the opposite side of the paper, write what you want for them.

For example:

Sad = full of joy everyday

Hungry = the feelings of always having enough

He was abandoned= Always safe and feeling loved

As you are writing the positive ideas and concepts down tell your animal friend what you want to offer them. For example, “I offer you the feelings of always having enough” and send them the feelings love that are behind your words. They will hear you and receive your love, I promise.

Lastly, choose a way to let go of this piece of paper. Chose a method you can do with a lot of intent. Burn it, bury it in the garden under the flower bed, or even place it in an envelope and put it in the recycle bin with love.

I would love to hear your stories and ideas on how you are letting go and transforming your animal’s stories! Email me @ info@JoannaSchmidt.com

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