Shake those tail feathers!


I found this delightful story of healing in my archived newsletters from 2009.

Thank goodness for the animals in our lives!

I learned something pretty special from a shelter dog late this summer. A pit bull, up for adoption I was asked to read for the animal shelter in the area.

When I asked what he needed to help improve his life while at the shelter, he told me he needed people around him to be happy and laugh. This is part of what he said, “When I shake my behind, it sends stars and creates Joy, Laughter and giggles into my brain.” He asked if I have tried this…I had to admit I had not.  Continuing on he told me about what happens when others around him mimic his generous movement of his hind end when his tail wags; “The laugher is contagious; It spreads Joy all thought the shelter.”

On a tough day a while back, I thought of this wise and very silly pit bull. Looking to boost my mood I gave it a try. I tried shaking my tail like no body’s business. And it really does send stars and joy, laughter and giggles into your brain! Now it is my turn to share this with you…I will ask you on behalf of this wise pit bull…. Have YOU tried this?

FYI: This wise happy pit bull did in fact find his way into the heart of a wonderful family. I am sure he is busy shaking his tail feathers right now!