How to work with the universe (rather than against it)

Going with the flow

Have you ever had the feeling that the universe is working with you and everything seems to be in sync?

Those magical moments happen most often when we allow ourselves to go with the flow, rather than pushing against the current.

It seems that when we are centered and grounded, we are able to see, experience and benefit from the magic and sweetness that is already around us all the time. I am always amazed by what can unfold when I let go of trying to control and micromanage. We become free to see things in a new light, to see beyond the limits of what our ego’s and minds can create and open to unlimited possibilities and gifts we might not imagine on our own.


Resonance = Like attracting like 

In these places of alignment, I am able to see the fundamentals of resonance at work. Everything I see, every song I hear, every book I pick up and every conversation is perfectly matched to me. For instance, it seems that everything around me is ready to offer clues to help me see what is in or out of balance within me and how to approach healing it, if needed.

In contrast when I am my doing my best to push through and make ‘my own way’ and ‘overcome obstacles’, I draw to me more resistant energy, more things to overcome, more obstacles. Resonance is still at work, assisting me to align with obstacles.

Changing patterns of control, micromanaging and pushing against stream is not easy to do when this is our norm. Many of us have well-traveled life patterns of trying to control and preventing possibilities of things we are not prepared for. However, at times those possibilities offer so much for our growth, our learning and our levels of joy.


A personal example of pushing against the stream

Years ago my husband and I were on a driving trip in the south west. Translation: we were traveling long stretches of desert,  through the-middle-of-nowhere, in our ‘mostly functioning’, classic 1969 Mercury.  Our car had a monumental break down in a dusty, barren town that would be on the list of the top 5 creepiest places you do not want to be stranded in. There were 2 auto shops in town, which, unbeknownst to us, were both owned by the same fellow. The waiting rooms of both shops were lined with taxidermy animals such as bear and lions all barring teeth and claws. As it turned out in this tiny town, neither shop could get to our car for over a week.

After only one night in this baron town, we decided to send the rest of our vacation budget on a tow out... unfortunately; the next town with services was over 90 miles away, a pricey tow to say the least. We had wavered between panic and fear during our one night in this town. We were so far from home with so few choices. When we finally were able to come to a place of acceptance or our situation, we were back in the flow of things. Things went from bad to wonderful.


Letting go of control

When we let go of what we thought our vacation needed to be, the universe was right there waiting to support us with all the magic needed to make a memorable adventure.  An adventure complete with a memorable, lovable tow truck driver, who offered us lively conversation and a personal tour of the area on our long journey. The driver offered us the chance to understand the area in a new light as he shared his personal stories of growing up in the desert. He connected us with a wonderful auto shop in our destination town.  In contrast to the first shop, it’s walls were lined with thank you cards, from years and years of happy thankful customers. Our car was fixed perfectly in just a matter of hours and to celebrate we had one of the nicest meals out we had enjoyed in a while. Complete with elaborate place settings and a several course meal, all delighting our senses.

It could easily have been the worst trip I ever took, but by letting go of what I thought wanted, it turned into one of the best experiences and opportunities for learning and growth I have ever had.

Try this

When you find yourself pushing against the current, try stepping out of your own way.  Goals are wonderful but try to remember it is not always up to us how we get there. Try opening up to something more. Have a look around, what is there waiting for you? A message on a bill board? A stray dog in need of help that might take you off of your path?

Our intuition comes in handy when we need to be open to seeing the possibilities before us. Play with following your nose, your gut and your inner navigator.  Let it direct you to that place within that can align with the world around you so that the magic of synchronicities unfold a journey for you, filled with possibilities you might not imagine on your own.


Want a hand developing your intuitive side?

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About Joanna:

Joanna, the author of Energetic Boundaries 101, is an energy-sensitive healer, writer, and teacher who brings a refreshing, playful spin to the world of  intuition shamanism and energetic boundaries.

She offers collaborative, playful private sessions and workshops to healers, teachers and sensitive adults and children all over the country.