How to own your body and aura

Is anyone home?

There is a fine art to  letting our light shine. In my book, the first step is to  create room for our magic.  Envision your body as a living temple for your light and magic and ask yourself, what kind of temple does this light and magic need to thrive?  What would support your light and magic to grow, learn and become whole and healed?

What about full rhythmic breaths of clean air that regularly strengthens your foundation? What about having enough room in your energy to spread your wings?

When we set our intention to own our space to nurture and create room for our creativity and personal light it transforms the ego based ideas and reasons why we feel we should not take up so much room in the world.  

When we own our space authentically, we are filling it with who we really are at our core. We are filling our body and energy with our core magic, our stardust, our laughter, our kindness, and our truth, and making room for that special uniqueness that makes us who we are. This special uniqueness is laced with our personal code of integrity, and kindness.

Owning your personal space can take practice. This exercise is one of my favorites.

How to own our body and aura

Follow your breath down into your lower belly. Let your breath lead the way for your awareness to follow. Allow yourself to feel your belly and chest move. Find your rhythm find your own tempo for your breath.

Feel into your upper belly, into your core light. That place where you’re authentic self-resides. Tune into the part of you that knows things, that is one with God and everything alive. Allow your breathing to feed your light, with your own personal rhythm and tempo. If you get dizzy, you might be rushing things or leaving your body.  Slow it down and come back to your center. Give yourself permission to enjoy every ounce of this clean fresh air.

As your light grows with this attention and focus, start to invite your light out to the edges of your aura. Extend your light back behind your body, (about 3 feet) on each exhalation.

On the inhale feed your light. 
On the exhale extend your light.
On the inhale feed your light. 
On the exhale extend your light.

Take your time as you project your light to the front, back, left and right of your body and aura, extend it above your head and below your feet and continue to feed your light with each breath. 
When you have completely filled your aura with your light, be sure to ground your expanded aura and being to the earth. You can envision growing roots or a grounding cord from your hips deep into the earth.

About Joanna

Joanna assists healers of all walks of life navigate the rocky currents of personal and professional growth, so they can get on with their life’s work of  helping others and healing the world. 

She offers playful and empowering private sessions and workshops to healers all over the country.