What a Shamanic Journey Is Like

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I start with a prayer to honor the four directions, North, South, East and West, and the Earth, the Sky and the Land. I light a candle in their honor and ask that they stay present with me while I journey. I thank and pay my respects to my ancestors, my power animals, guides and teachers for assisting me in finding my way to this moment with such grace.

I drum a slow and steady rhythm on my drum; my whole body softens the rhythm finds and matches the heartbeat of the earth. I feel one of my power animals arrive.  He is strong and steady and watches over my physical body as I journey, he arrives like clockwork before I journey to make sure I am safe and secure. He stands over my physical body, holding our surroundings solid as I slip into the unseen worlds….

My spirit runs fast, my feet only touching every few steps on the earth. I run to a magic place I know in nature and I slip deep into the earth. I travel down through the earth and out the other side.  Traveling farther still until I reach the lower world, landing at the feet of my power animals. On this journey my healing team is present. They are a strong trio of animals each embodying a special medicine and healing gift.

I share my intention for this journey with them. They respond to my request with a soft knowing, patience and clarity. They offer me lessons, stories and healing. At times we travel, deeper within the lower world, or up through the sky and past the stars… to the upper world exploring, learning and growing.

On this day my Guardian Ancestor who is healed and whole has joined us as has my Spirit Teacher a strong healer and descended master. They speak with me in with their actions, motions, and through a deep inner knowing. I can hear their voice inside my heart, as they impart knowledge to me and assist me in piecing together the things I long to understand. They remind me that my personal work here in the world is to understand the intimate workings of how the universe is webbed together. They offer me reassurance and the tools of healing to assist me in uncovering the veils from my eyes to reach deeper aspects of knowing. They encourage me to stand with patience, as this uncovering and explanation of understanding will bring many more questions to my heart and soul.

They are my guides as we travel through the unseen realms, to the heavens and into the earth. They are my teachers as I learn how to help others remember how to heal themselves. I offer them my gratitude; I thank them with all my heart and being.

I quicken my drum beat. The rapid rhythm assists my traveling the long distance from their world to mine. The quick steady drum beat setting the pace for my rapid returning home, to my physical reality. I travel back through the earth. I reach my power animal who has been waiting for me, as he stands over my physical body. I greet him, and thank him for his strength and for offering his service as my gatekeeper between the worlds.

I settle back into my body. I breathe into my new awareness. I begin to integrate my journey and my visit outside of time and space. A place that exists both inside of myself and outside of myself at the same time.

I rest my drum on my lap. I offer my gratitude to the four directions, North, South, East and West, the Sky the Earth and the Land. I send gratitude once again to my allies, my power animals, my Spirit Teacher and my Guardian Ancestor.

I blow out the candle and step out of my room. I rejoin the physical world with my new awareness. I am in awe of the present moment and the knowing that just on the other side of my breath and the drum beat lies eternity.

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