Are you an Astral Multi-Tasker?

Where did you just go?

It can happen lightning fast, before we are even aware we have done it.  

We leap out of our own space and our body to scout out potentially dangerous situations. Before we know it we have gone on an unconscious astral reconnaissance mission. Leaping out of our body into challenging situations or other’s personal space to scout it out. 

This pattern of leaving our body and energy behind, in the long run, is exhausting and not very effective. Try thinking of it this way, if we a part of our mind and spirit is constantly mulit-tasking, dashing across town, in and out of time and space, dashing to and from possible perceived dangers and are not present in our body our spirit can become exhausted in a hurry.  To add to this we will most likely  miss the signals if there is real danger approaching. We are not at home to receive the signals of the real danger coming our way, nor do we have the wherewithal to act on those signals. 

Why do we do this? 

One reason could be that some of us who lived as sensitive, empathic or intuitive children our antennas were unconsciously set to auto pilot. This pattern can develop as an effort stay safe and pick up any possible danger signals from people, situations or places. This auto pilot setting is a helpful tool when we are children. As little intuitive empathic beings we often feel and see things that others don’t. Some of these things are great, and some are downright unpleasant or feel unsafe. As adults we understand that emotions are normal and we can be in the proximity of another who is feeling a wide range of emotions and that those emotions are not caused by us. When we are children, this understanding is not always the case. As an intuitive, empathic kid, I remember feeling intense feelings of stress, anxiety or even anger coming from adults around me that would feel like an intense energetic blow on my little system. Being a child and not having the understanding of why I was feeling this and that it had nothing to do with me; my first line of defense was avoiding these situations at all costs. But clearly as a child that was not always possible. This is when we set our intuitive scanning to auto pilot scouting for potential danger. It scans the area for trouble constantly like a 24 hour security camera. 

When this system alerts us of danger we then can adjust our position, change, hide or rely on whatever self-preservation skills we use well to compensate for the perceived danger.  This is can be an effective system when we are kids and do not have the ability to remove ourselves from physical, emotional or energetic danger. As adults this system often gets us into trouble. When our auto pilot picks up a possible safety breach we leap out of our body to check it out and enter into the game of energetic leap frog. We leave our body and are on high alert. When we are functioning with our intuition set on auto pilot we are seeing the world through eyes that are looking for danger.  

Another problem of this pattern is that once we see a perceived threat we often cannot let it go- even though our adult mind can see we are safe. I meet and work with many gifted intuitive people in my practice who are barely able to function because their empathic senses are on overload all the time. Their already full senses are also constantly picking up others anxieties and fears in an effort to sort out if these feelings are a real danger to them or not. 

Often, when we are able to re-calibrate or re-tune our danger seeking receptors we can change this pattern. Once our danger sensors are not working overtime, our system gets a break and we are able to use our intuition for more loving possibilities like talking with animals and reading ALL kinds of energy patterns and signatures, not just danger. 

How can we recalibrate our intuitive auto pilot? 

For starters, break the habit by noticing when you slip out of your body to check on something, whether you are testing the ice on a new friendship or exploring a worst case scenario. When we catch our self, stop. Change your pattern. Use the tools you have and tune in.  Listen to your own intuition. Listen to the voice that comes from your own belly, the voice that is fed by your breath and by your presence in the present moment. Your own intuitive voice is your best ally to tune into what you need to be prepared moment to moment. 

Shamanic healing sessions can also give us a hand in resetting our intuitive auto pilot and assist us in creating room for what we truly want to create for ourselves and our world using our intuition. 

Looking for more? I offer private healing sessions and energetic boundary mentoring sessions. View my online schedule here. 

About Joanna

Joanna assists healers of all walks of life navigate the rocky currents of personal and professional growth, so they can get on with their life’s work of  helping others and healing the world. 
She offers playful and empowering private sessions and workshops to healers all over the country.