Standing In Our Own Power

Photo by Ryanne Hoogeboom

Today on a walk, I witnessed a hawk stand his ground while 3 crows did their very best to throw her off balance.  

I have been meditating on this often recently and working to find ways  easily step back from personal situations and approach them with neutrality and staying completely out of  the role of energetic victim.

I define being an energetic victim when we blame others for our response to their actions, words or thoughts, rather than taking full responsibility for creating and maintaining our own clear energetic boundaries.

When we have a clear energetic boundary we are able to remain in our power and find a place of neutrality and peace even when we are around very challenging and difficult people. Until we are in the habit of standing in our own power it is often much easier to blame others, feel empowered or even just shut down. Watching this hawk today, I saw her strength in her being, there was no blame, there were no mental gymnastics games between her and the crows that begged the question, “why me?”. She simply was in her power, doing what she needed to do for herself – as were the crows for that matter.  What a fine example that us intuitives can take to heart!

In my own life, when I find myself feeling disempowered from a situation or person, or taking another’s behavior, words or actions a little to personally, I look for my story, the part of me that is still holding a grudge, a resentment or an unhealed part of my spirit and I ask myself “What story of mine is this triggering?"

Transforming back to Wholeness

We all have our wounds. Some wounds are on the surface, we know about them and we have been working on them for a while. Others lay dormant like sleeping beauty waiting for the magic of another to wake them up. When they do wake up, it is up to us to listen to them. As you listen to these awakened wounds it is important to step outside of the drama.  Step out of the “she said”, “he did this”, and “then this happened to me!” and move back home to the place where you can remember that you are supported by the universe. Those around you most often do not want to cause you personal or spiritual harm.

When we can listen to the story behind the situation, rather than using another’s actions or words as a deterrent or distraction we are able to see the forest through the trees and find healing. Any time you find yourself slipping back to the ‘offending’ situation or person let them be your shining light – shining right to your original story. Asking yourself WHY am I feeling this, and leaving the others actions, or words out of the reasoning process. We can listen using the tools we are most comfortable with: journaling, meditation, dancing, talking with a friend or a counselor.

Once you have listened to your story, listen further to your intuition, and ask “what do I need to transform my story so I feel whole again?”. Often listening and allowing ourselves to hear an old story, when we are in a place where we have more tools and a greater understanding about the world is enough. Other times we need help from a shamanic practitioner or hypnotherapist or even simply meditating and sending our wounded self the healing and light they need.

 An ideal world

In an ideal world, we can co-exist with others who have different opinions, ways of being and thinking and be empowered and inspired by each ohter. What would that world look and feel like? Can you imagine the exchange of ideas and creative projects that could unfold? 
We can learn to own our space and stand in our power like my friend the hawk by allowing ourselves to be who we are, AND others to be who they are without judgment, but in healing.

Happy Healing!

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