5 steps to releasing other's energy

Energetic boundaries go a long way in preventing energetic entanglements. But what can we do if something belonging to someone else does slip into our energetic space?

One method I have found helpful is to regularly feel my own energy and notice what is mine and what is not. When I find something that does not belong to me, I look at it, learn from it, and then release it.


5 Steps to letting it go

1.    Ask who or what is this that is not mine that I am holding?

2.    Ask why am I holding it? Try to not play the role of victim… as in “Oh No! Someone else is invading my space and they are in the wrong.” But instead I take a mutually responsible approach that says, “What is the resonance between me and this energy/person? What are we learning from meshing in each other’s space? Do I want to consciously continue with this dynamic?”

3.     Explore where and how did it enter into your space? Where is there a breach in your boundary? Feel into the cord or entanglement and explore what chakra or part of your body the energy breach is in. Also check in with what type of channel it came in. Was it on the back of an irritated or angry emotion? Did it catch a ride on a feeling of love? Understanding how energy and or others enter our personal space can help us understand how we can learn from it.

4.    Ask what is the best way to release this energy? Simply kicking someone or something out usually does NOT do the job. Whatever we have kicked out will just come back.

I am sure you have heard the saying what we resist persists. If you are like me and prefer to leave things better than you found them, ideally that will also include energy.  If and when we give the energy of another, a swift kick in the rump with a crass “get out of here!”  in no way parts us with clean and clear intentions. Instead thank the energy for helping you to better understand yourself and world and offering it love, gratitude and assist it to return home. Often this approach offers an early exit from our contract/agreement with love and grace.

5.    Follow through by maintaining your clean and graceful exit.  Do your best not to think about them, pine about them or wonder about them. Knowing that by doing so, you run the risk of re-entering their personal space again and then whew … we will have to start all over again.

6. Tune into your intuition and ask if it is time for an energetic tune up session. Yes? You can use my handy online schedule to set up a time to receive here

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