How to use your Intuition

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We all have intuition… but exactly what is that deep knowing within? Where does it come from and how can we transform it from an occasional happening to an everyday occurrence? 

Intuition is when our physical body and our spirit are aligned and in balance with each other, each fully engaged in the present moment. Intuition happens when we listen to and integrate the continuous supply of vibrational information that is around us all of the time. We and everything around us is constantly sending out a vibrational signature into the world. This signature is like a coded message that contains our likes and dislikes, our history and desires for the future, our state of health, emotions and our intentions.  

As an animal communicator, I have the luxury of asking my dogs questions I may never otherwise learn the answers to. While on a walk, my dog Bernard was busy sniffing along the trail. Curious, I checked in with him and asked, “What kind of information do you receive from those long sniffs of other dog’s markings?” After Bernard took a deep sniff on a particularly fresh, wet leaf he exclaimed, “Female, un-spayed, 2 litters, coming into heat in a matter of days”. On his next sniff he communicated, “Young male, under 2 years old, fixed, eats garbage and was here about 15 minutes ago”. This is a tremendous amount of information that can be received with just one heightened sense! As humans, our sense of smell cannot compare to that of dogs. However, our other senses, when developed, can offer us an equal wealth of information about the world around us. 


Practicing Intuitive Listening

Intuitive listening is a skill that everyone can learn but it takes some practice. When we are intuitively listening, we use all of our senses while remaining firmly in our bodies. While rooted in the present moment our minds are quiet; our hearts are open to possibilities and are able to listen without any judgment or preconceived ideas. 

As a practical example, let’s look at how many parents already use intuitive listening. Imagine you are at the kitchen sink washing up after dinner and you want to check and feel into what your children are up to, to decide if the situation warrants a verbal check in. You are able to turn up your sense of hearing to listen on a deeper level to what it is you can hear (or don’t hear). You dive deeper into the present moment and you begin to tune in to your cellular information, feeling into every last detail you can pick up using your other senses. Through this basic tuning in process, in less than a few seconds you are able to intuitively tune in to what your children are up to and if they are ok. All of the information in this example can be collected only if we are centered in our body and in the present moment. It is this active process of being present when the magic of intuition happens. 

Body + Spirit + Breath = Intuition 

Many of us spend our days just outside of the present moment; planning, creating shopping lists and preparing for what we think might happen in the next 5 minutes. It is no wonder that our culture perceives intuition as something that happens outside of us, and only to an enlightened few, rather than inside of all of us.

A part of intuitive listening includes stilling our minds in order to listen deeply, however stillness in our body is not necessary. In fact for true intuitive listening, we NEED movement in our body. We need our body to process, absorb and put into context the information we pick up intuitively.  I once heard a beautiful concept: that with each breath we take, our body and spirit are dancing. When we still our mind, and hold our breath to listen carefully, we halt the process of being present and our spirit and body are unable to fully dance and engage and create intuitive magic. 

Try This

Try inviting your spirit fully into your body, calling home all parts of you that may be in the past or future or out scouting possible scenarios. Turn your attention into your body rather than what is going on around you. Feel your breath moving your chest, lungs and belly. Notice these sensations from inside your own skin; try to feel the movement of your breath in your hands and feet and joints. Then, while staying present in your body, begin to interact with the world around you, allowing your senses to dive deeply into the present moment that is unfolding around you, breath by breath.

Would you like more support to develop your intuitive nature? 

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