Letting go of fear

I had a run in with a little magical mouse.

During a car camping trip in the forest, I noticed that I was sharing my provisions with a little hitch hiker.  He was feasting on apples, nuts, potato chips and every item I had packed, taking just a bite here and a nibble there.

Before I packed up the car to come home, I sat for a while and lovingly sent the message to any mice still in my car that the feasting time was over, and that for their safety they needed to return to the forest before the engine started. This was especially important for them, but also to me. You see, I had a little phobia of rodents.  It had started several years before. I was sleeping deeply and so comfortably, when my cat, Miles-Smiles, jumped on the bed with a LIVE rat wiggling and screaming in his mouth. As I was still coming to, Miles-Smiles dropped the LIVE rat on my chest and then proceeded to chase the rat around the bed covers and over my body before the rat finally scrambled out of sight in the bedroom. Can you imagine?

When this mouse showed up in my car, I started reliving the terror of that night of the living rat. I had visions of the little thing scuttling across my feet while I was driving home! It was almost more that I could bear. Normally the primary driver on longer trips, I spent the ride in the passenger seat, with my feet safely perched on the dash board.  But in the spirit of compassion I wanted to give the mouse a graceful and live exit from my car, despite my fears.

Back home, the little signs of the mouse’s presence in my car continued: bites in Lara bars and apples and of course mouse pee on my dashboard.


I enlisted the help of a humane live trap box. I baited it with peanut butter and apple, his favorites.Every morning I would check the trap hesitantly. When I finally found him in the little box,  my heart stopped as I realized I would have to not only pick up the box but open it to set him free. In a panic I drove to a park nearby. Trembling, I carried the box a short distance to an area with tall grasses, opened the box and set it in the grass. The little mouse would not budge. I turned the box upside down and shook it a little to ‘encourage’ him to find a new home there at the park. The poor little fellow fell out of the box.  He was covered in peanut butter and his own urine, and he was as terrified as I was. He skittered around a bit, ran straight toward me,  and then turned and ran right back into my car through the door I had left open….so on to plan “B”. 

When we try to just dump our fears or run from them before we learn what is there for us, they just come back.

I learned I needed to use the tools and gifts I have to approach my fear and the mouse with as much compassion as possible. I journeyed to my power animals and asked for healing around my fears so I could approach this mouse with more compassion.  I meditated daily and sent telepathic messages to the mouse, saying how grateful I was for his arrival in my life to help me overcome my fear. I sent him love and apologized for scaring him and treating him with dishonor on the morning at the park. I showed him many possibilities locally of where he could live and asked him his preference. 

When I found him in the little box again, I picked up the box with a renewed compassion for him and the magic and healing his life had brought to me. I held the box for a while and gave him Reiki energy before driving to the wooded area he had chosen. . It was a long walk to find the right spot in the forest; he was riding in the box in my favorite handbag. On the trail I talked with him, reminding him of owls and hawks who like to eat mice and of the importance of safety. I paused several times along the way to help him acclimate. 

When we did find the right spot, I placed the box on the ground next to a large fallen tree. I opened the box slowly and carefully and he stepped out so gracefully and then scurried away under the tree. 

I am no longer afraid of mice. This little fellow offered me the chance to feel a greater kinship and compassion not only for mice, but for myself as well. 

Over to you:  I would love to hear about ways that nature and wildlife has assisted your learning and growing. Drop me a line in the comments! 

About Joanna: 
I assist others in weaving their magic and intuitive nature into their lives in a healthy and balanced way. I offer private sessions and workshops for animal communication, shamanic healing and to support and empower you to work with your own intuition.