Living in Wholeness ( part one)

One aspect of shamanism is the art and practice of mending our disconnection from wholeness and strengthening the harmonious connections with all of life that living in wholeness provides.

In a personal shamanic journey, I asked my shamanic ally to help me understand how to live in wholeness in all aspects of my life. Following the rhythm of my hand drum my ally and I traveled deep into the ocean. He drew close and with his intense wise eyes spoke deeply into my soul and shared this healing story with me…

“As humans move farther from nature, we are losing touch with our natural state of being. We have become fragmented as we separate the parts of ourselves into compartments, relating to the world with only one part of our heart and soul at a time. In one context, we inhabit the role of a mother or daughter or wife, while in other contexts we behave as a co-worker or friend or even as a stranger.  Rarely do we relate to the world from a place of wholeness. This creates deep wounds of separation within our spirit, our life and world. This fragmentation of our spirit has created a great loss of self and identity. It is a dangerous path for individuals, and all of life, when we no longer live as whole beings.” 

My ally looked towards a bed of living, growing sea weed nearby. He showed me the magnificent image and sense of the sea weed as a living force, deeply connected with the ocean and with all of life. Its sea floor anchor rooting to the earth and its soft blade leaves absorbing nutrients from the water that were once part of other living beings. It gave food and shelter to fish and other life.  It was part of the ocean’s role in the providing oxygen to the atmosphere.  My ally shared the ways the sea weed was intimately connected to the whole of all life on physical and spiritual levels. As I listened, waves of deep connection with all of life moved though my bones and soul.

Then my ally posed the question to me, “If an individual is not living as a whole being, how can they connect with the wholeness of all of life?” 


As he asked this question the sea weed broke off from their roots.  They browned and became tangled, and their bodies, once luminous, flowing and supple, became brittle.  My ally pawed through the tangle, lifting wads of sea weed up to illustrate the chaos that resulted when the sea weed lost its connection with all of life. “This is what living separately from the whole of all of life looks like.” 
My heart ached to see the sea weed suffocate and die from starvation and separation from the whole.

My ally offered gratitude for the sea weed in helping to teach this valuable lesson.  As he spoke the seaweed it began to fill with life once again. The emerald luminescence returned to the strands and they began to mend and root themselves into the sea floor.  “When we are able to remember and re-weave wholeness into our lives, soul and all of our interactions, we reconnect to the harmonious living web of all life. Our souls, which were once starved, are able to finally feel satiated.” As my ally spoke, my mind filled with possibilities for healing the separation from wholeness in my own life and for finding more ways of living from a place of true authenticity in all of my interactions. I saw how even this seemingly small choice had the potential to create big healing in the whole of all of life. My ally lovingly nodded as he witnessed me integrating this important lesson. 

I offered my ally heartfelt gratitude for this healing and learning. Following the rhythm of my hand drum I journeyed home holding this deeper understanding of wholeness close to my heart. 

Up next: In my next post in this series “Living in Wholeness” I will be exploring how energetic boundaries can assist us in living as whole beings.

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