Living in Wholeness Part 2

Nourishing Your Whole Being

In part one in this series; I shared the healing I received from my ally about living in wholeness. It was an immense lesson in the ways humans habitually live with fragmentation at the heart of their interactions. 
As a sensitive empath, I would be the first to acknowledge how challenging it can be to live from a place of wholeness and to avoid compartmentalizing aspects of our personality and spirit. When we feel emotionally challenged by someone, walling off or hiding aspects of our self can feel like the best first line of defense. But this compartmentalization of our spirit can be a slippery slope.  It can become habitual, while offering only the illusion of energetic safety.. In reality, when we lock aspects of our self away, we are creating a separation within our own soul, leaving our vital life essence unreachable when we need it the most. 

According to shamanic practices our habits of self-compartmentalization of our personality and spirit is one way that we create soul loss. To understand this better, let’s think of our soul as a group of dear friends. They call each other regularly and have weekly gatherings. Let’s imagine that because of some differencing of opinion in the group, and the group as a whole stops calling and inviting one of the friends to the gatherings. We can imagine that, after a while, the excluded friend will feel lost and left out and most likely will not want to come running when the group finally gets over the issue and calls again. That friend may have wandered off, fallen into a depression or taken up with a new group of friends.  Our soul can be affected in similar ways if, for example, to accommodate a cranky spouse or a rigid working environment, we stop engaging aspects of our spirit, like our creativity or our wacky sense of playfulness. Over time the splintered aspects of our spirit can become starved and dried up and pull away from the whole of our being… just as my ally shared in the healing journey in part one of this series. 




How to build a loving and clear boundary

Here is one of my favorite ways to drop fully into the present moment and to feed and nourish our whole being. This exercise creates a great foundation for building loving and clear energetic boundaries, which I share more about in future posts.

  1.  Choose a quiet space without distractions. It can help to close your eyes, or you can choose one area of the floor to softly gaze at for this exercise. 
  2. Start by inviting all aspects of your attention and awareness to the present  moment, paying particular attention to parts of your spirit that may be in planning and scouting in the future.  Ground your spirit and body to the earth by feeding the connection between your feet and the earth. Feel you are the movement your breath can create inside your body. Feel the dance between your spirit and body with each breath.
  3. Bring your awareness to the center of your head. Drop fully into the present moment. (Most of us live with our awareness in front of us or behind us) 
  4. Breathe to get back into your body rather than breathing to get out of your body. Anchor each breath deep into your pelvic floor. If you feel yourself getting lighter or ‘fluffy around your head’ you are leaving your body; come back and try again.
  5. Use your breath to feed the fire of your spirit in your heart, the core of your being. With each inhalation, offer gratitude to your body and spirit for meeting here in the present moment. Visualize this gratitude feeding and nourishing the core of your being as your core becomes filled with light. 
  6. Staying fully grounded, start to extend the light you have been tending in your core out from your heart and belly to fill your whole body.  Take care to include your feet and toes and fingers. 
  7. Breathe in, feed this light; exhale, extend this light….
  8. When your body is light filled with your essence, use your breathing again to extend your light into your aura. Fill the space around your body (about 3 feet) with this freshly-tended light. 
  9. Practice staying grounded as you feel your whole being filled with your own vital life essence. This can take some practice.
  10. Lastly, engage in a physical activity like dancing, singing, drawing or going for a walk while you continue to feed your whole being the light this unity creates using your breath.  Once you have practiced this a few times, try inviting an aspect of your spirit or personality that has been tucked away for a while to rejoin you. Invite this aspect back to the whole of your being with a loving and heartfelt invitation worthy of the amazing being you are. Dance with this aspect of yourself, sing a song of wholeness, walk or be, relish some time in stillness getting reacquainted with who you can be – reconnected to the whole of your being. 

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