Gratitude for the wind

Watching the wind blowing through trees today, and feeling such deep gratitude in my heart for the wind, I started singing. 

As I expressed my gratitude for the wind, the words just came from my heart. As I was singing I felt the wind dancing around me, growing stronger as I sang, as if to show me that it felt and received my appreciation. At the end of my song, there was a long stillness, before the wind began to rustle the leaves and swoosh and swirl again. 

Here is the song with lyrics below. 

Dear Wind

Dear wind I feel you.
Swirling and twirling and circling around me,
dear wind I feel you.
Dear wind I see you.
In branches and grasses and leaves and trees,
dear wind I see you.
I thank you dear wind,
for flowing and growing and blowing right through  me 
Dear wind I think you.
Dear wind I love you.
With hands to my heart and you dance in my hair,
dear wind I love you.
And part if we must when stillness prevails,
you are forever in my heart…
dear wind I love you.

About Joanna:

I assist others in weaving their magic and intuitive nature into their lives in a healthy and balanced way.

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