What makes a healer a healer?

There is a common saying among healers, “No one can heal or fix anything for anyone that they are not ready and willing to heal themselves.”  

As healers we can do our best to try to facilitate healing.  We can encourage, educate, nudge and rub. Skilled surgeons can even reach into the chest of another to try to mend a broken heart.

But try as we might  to remind others of their own power to heal,  real healing, true healing, has to come from within. The true healing comes from our desires and willingness to attain something different, our readiness for change or at times our ability simply be willing to  see the world as a slightly kinder place.

Reminding others they matter

If all healing is self-healing, then what does a healer actually do? What makes a healer a healer? Lisa, a healer who recently finished my “Empowered Empath” course shared a very powerful healing story with me.  It helped me put into context an idea I have had for a while now about what makes a healer a healer. I share it here with her permission.

During her time in the course Lisa  had been working on creating a new set of strong, clear energy boundaries that would allow her to feel safe in the world. Out walking with her dogs with her new energy boundaries in place she came across a homeless man who showed  interest in petting her dogs. Without the new boundaries she had established, she shared; she would have avoided this fellow like the plague. Instead, she felt secure enough to approach, and she and her dogs interacted with him for a short time.

With her new boundaries she felt  totally relaxed talking with him and felt at ease in her spirit. The man petted and interacted with her dogs as they chatted all the while Lisa was not "picking up" any of his emotions or his energy that she other wise would have without  her new loving, clear energetic boundaries.  When Lisa was ready to leave, the man thanked her and expressed his appreciation and gratitude for her company and visit, sharing how lonely he gets most days. 


Meeting another with authenticity and wholeness of heart

Lisa's story relays beautifully what  true healers are capable  of, not by fixing, not by forceful mending, and not by holding power over another, but by being present enough with another so they are reminded they are human, whole and sentient.

We can try to shove, push and even force the doors of healing open within another individual. However, the magic formula for creating healing seems to be the willingness to open the door within our own heart that allows us to see new possibilities and create change in our own being first. In addition, it is our ability to feel safe enough to step outside our comfort zone and meet another person with authenticity and the wholeness of our heart.

P.S. Are you a sensitive healer ready to learn how to create clear and loving energy boundaries? I would love to work with you.

About Joanna

Joanna, author of Energetic Boundaries 101, is an energy-sensitive healer, writer and teacher who brings a refreshing, playful spin to the world of energy and energetic boundaries. 

She offers collaborative, playful private sessions and workshops to healers, teachers and sensitive adults and children all over the country.


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