Dear Empaths, It is time for an evolution.

Dollarphotoclub / soft_light

Dollarphotoclub / soft_light

Dear Empaths and highly sensitive people, 

As a fellow empath and sensitive person, I am going to go out on a limb here and share something that I have been fired up about for a while. To be completely honest each and every time an "are you an empath" quiz that showcases a long list of dysfunctional traits or an article sharing the plight of highly sensitive people crosses my desk, the fire within me grows. Because it seems there is a growing trend, that has been building momentum for a while labeling empaths and highly sensitive people as weak, weary and too sensitive to have healthy relationships. 


As an empath and a highly sensitive person I can say for certain that there is more to being sensitive than the dysfunction this current trend showcases. 


Personally, I say it is time we call B.S.  I say B.S. on the language used to talk about our gifts and encourage instead a new conversation about what it actually means to be a sensitive empath that inspires each of us to thrive. Are you with me?


The top four things we need to call B.S. on when it comes to being empathic and highly sensitive


1. This trend produces truck loads of articles and books that encourages empaths to stay at home to protect and wall and shield our self from others toxic energy and emotions. What could happen if Instead we were to inspire and empower one another to learn how to create healthy functioning relationships?


2. This trend is quick to label EVERYONE in the world a toxic-narcissist and gives us lists of excuses of why we should not engage with other if they have challenging personalities. Wouldn't you rather learn how to navigate relationships with challenging folks in ways that feel empowering and loving?


3. This trend is quick to sympathetically tells us, "as an empath, you are forever destined to be an energetic sponge." Let's instead explore ways to shift our presence so we are not energetic sponges but rather empowered, thriving embodied beings!


4. This trend offers information and self care practices that are solely based on the three roles Karpman's Drama triangle offers us of the Victim, The persecutor, or the Rescuer. Such as shielding our self from others or practicing the art of avoidance. Imagine what kind of world we could create if the most sensitive ones of this world were empowered, that is the kind of world I want to help create!



Seriously, you know, and I know, as Empaths, we are flipping super heroes.


We have sensitive super powers that when finely tuned, we have the power to create massive amounts of positive change and healing on the front lines of our life. Yet the trends related to how we talk about our sensitives are laced with victimization and  judgment of self and other. As super heroes we each have our own Kriptonite and for most of us, our Kriptonite lays within our own shadow. Those unclaimed bits of our self that are more than ready to trip us and hold us back until we learn how to acknowledge and heal them.


Embodiment is our secret weapon of transformation

For some of us, feeling and getting into our body is the last place we want to be. Because we hurt or we might be resisting coming face to face with our grief or unhealed wounding or fear feeling our own feelings and breath. 


However, we must brave on, get the right support to relearn and remember that our body can be a safe place to be, the present moment can hold us in safety. 


Because… you are a sensitive being, the world needs you to feel safe and secure enough to create and enter into collaborative balanced relationships with those your love, speak your brilliant idea’s at the office and shine your light and create healing in the world, simply by being the amazing, authentic intuitive super hero being you are meant to be. 


Finally a book that wont tell you to hide

In truth, I become so fed up with the nonsense of labeling empaths and highly sensitive people as weak that I wrote a book! 


This book wont tell you to hide, or that you are weak but it will give you an empowering choice and tools how to create an energetic boundary with your own presence so you can feel more like the magical, super hero you and I both know you are. 

And there are full color illustrations to nourish the kid in you. 


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About Joanna

Joanna is a honest to goodness, modern, urban medicine woman. She is a modern day Glenda the Good (from Oz) who runs just the perfect amount of fierce, fiery-earthy, Kali energy to get the job done. 

She is a soul weaver, healer and the author of Energetic Boundaries 101.

She helps clients navigate & heal the layers between physical & energetic, so they are in extraordinary, tip-top shape to live well and do the important work they are here on earth to do. View  schedule