What a modern shaman is and how they can help you

Modern Medicine People

Shamanism is an ancient healing art form and has existed in every culture on earth from North America, Europe, Iceland and beyond.  Long ago, shamans were the main go-to healers for their communities. They served as bridges, bridging the physical and tangible with the realms of spirit, nature, and subtle energy. They were often also the midwives, herbalists and spiritual leaders of the communities. They helped lead the community to the best hunting grounds, created rituals, rites of passages and helped the sick and elderly cross over when it was their time. 

Most modern shamanic healers have one or more of these specialties, be it herbs, creating sacred ceremonies or healing. 

Me? I was born and seem to be hard-wired to be a bridge between the physical and energetic and to locate and create healing for the imbalances and disconnections between the two. 


How a Shamanic healer can help you 

People seek out modern shamanic healers to get support with the kind of issues that we don't always have language for. Some people describe feeling as though something is missing, or they need some support, but they are not quite sure what it is they need. New clients often report feeling "off", or as if a part of them is regularly out of time or lost in space. Other times people have a more clear idea of their struggle or a trauma or major life event they are looking for ongoing spirit support for.

Modern medicine does an amazing job at helping us live longer and healthier, physically. However, there is little to no room for the non-physical aspects of our being to be witnessed, heard and tended to within hospitals and doctors offices.

This is where modern shamanic healers step in to lend a hand, as we are masters of tending to matters of the heart and spirit.

We bear witness and help you make sense of the energetic oddities that cross your path, help you mend aspects of your heart and soul after a break-up or a death in the family, and we are here to give you tools and skills to feel whole and authentic in your life and relationships.  


The top 10 reasons people seek out the help of a shamanic healer

10. Compassionate healing following a shock, trauma, or major life change 

9. Energetic healing for grief and loss

8. Help in transforming personal stories and creating forgiveness 

7. Help to understand unusual experiences such as feeling a departed loved one in the home or spontaneous nature or animal communication

6. Energetic support while healing physically from an illness  

5. Assistance in discovering the energetic contributors of pain, illness and life imbalances

4. Support and skill building to manage energetic sensitivities and empathic traits

3. Energetic clearing of energy, personal space or life, and relationships

2. Assistance in better understanding patterns or possibilities that life holds, with the help of shamanic divination

1. Help in accessing & re-connecting with the spiritual and energetic aspects to one's self, with regular energetic tune-up healing sessions


Sparked by what you see? 

If you would like to learn more about this work or set up a time to receive a shamanic healing you can check out my online schedule or send me a note. 

Learn more about shamanic healing practices and what sessions are like HERE


About Joanna

Joanna, the author of Energetic Boundaries 101, is an energy-sensitive healer, writer, and teacher who brings a refreshing, playful spin to the world of  intuition shamanism and energetic boundaries.

She offers collaborative, playful private sessions and workshops to healers, teachers and sensitive adults and children all over the country.