What is a Shamanic Healing Like?

What a shamanic healing is like

In my cozy office over a cup of tea or via Skype or phone we will start with a conversation and get to the heart of your healing goals, so I can really understand what you are looking to transform at this time.

I will honor and call in the directions, our allies and our ancestors who are healed and whole and ask for their assistance in creating an energetically safe container for our healing work. 

I will journey to my allies using my drum or rattle and seek their guidance and assistance in helping you create the transformation, healing and integration you are seeking. During this time, you have the option to sit in a very comfortable chair or lay down. 

I share with you what my allies recommend to support you in healing.

Sessions are co-creative and are woven with your active participation, as we work together with my allies to tend to your goals. Depending on the recommendation of my allies, sometimes I drum, or tune your energy with my crystal singing bowls, sometimes we are working together to bring back lost or forgotten aspect of your spirit, or move and transform energy that no longer is a match for you. 

At the end of a session, we will honor and release all the allies that arrived to assist us. Following a healing session you and I will check in via phone or email to ensure you are integrating the new patterns of healing into your daily life.   


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Shamanic Healer, Joanna Schmidt, Bellingham

About Joanna

Joanna, the author of Energetic Boundaries 101, is an energy-sensitive healer, writer, and teacher who brings a refreshing, playful spin to the world of shamanism, animal communication, and energetic boundaries.

She offers collaborative, playful private sessions and workshops to healers, teachers and sensitive adults and children all over the country.