What is Shamanic Embodiment?

Shamanic Embodiment Healing, Bellingham, WA

Blending Earth & Spirit

Shamanic embodiment is the combination of two exquisite healing practices, spirit-centered shamanism, and earth-centered embodiment. The foundation of this healing work is rooted in the understanding that we are spirit and we are also earth, and both aspects of who we are, are sacred and need to be honored with reverence.  


To include the body and our physicality is a rare and relatively unique way of working with spirit, especially among shamanic practitioners and energy healers. But this uniqueness is also where the exquisiteness of this work lays, as it helps to heal our chronic disconnection between the elements of earth and spirit within us. Disconnections that create disassociations internally with our physical body, breath, and our creative, intuitive natures. As well as disassociations externally with our community, planet and with nature. 


These disconnections of Earth and Spirit within us can create the feeling of being lost, disconnected, unfulfilled, as well as overwhelm and chronic imbalances within our spirit-energy that require constant attention or a hyper, disconnection or imbalanced relationship with our intuition. 


What this healing work offers you

The Shamanic embodiment practices I offer include healing that is body-centric and includes practices to help you re-connect and tend to the relationship with breath, body, and spirit-energy. Healing that helps you in your goals of carrying the wholeness of being and presence into your interactions, relationships, and life.


These practices are also rich with practical shamanic embodiment and presencing tools to help you tend to your inner spark, your gifts and calling to the world, and to help you work your own personal flavor of presence and magic that you carry within your heart. 


What sessions are like

Sessions start with your goal, your intent for what it is you want to work on. This can be a part of your life or aspect of yourself that you feel is off kilter with the rest of you, or out of balance or a part of being or personal gift that you are ready to re-connect with and re-integrate into your life.


We will meet at the healing studio (or over the phone if you are outside of Bellingham) with a cup of tea and I will ask a bunch of questions to better understand your healing goal. Then I journey to the rhythm of my shamanic rattle, to my heart center and I meet with my shamanic allies and ask what is the best, most practical way to support you in your healing goal.


Then we get to work. You and I will work with our spirit allies and create healing, sometimes this is hands-on energy work, other times it is art or creating a healing ceremony or ritual for you… each session will be different and custom tailored for you by my shamanic allies and me.  Before we finish we will custom-craft a home care plan for you, which includes homework and ways to integrate the healing we created for you into your body and life in the coming weeks.


This healing work is as multi-layered as your divinely unique self and rarely is quick. I offer sessions that are 90 minutes – two hours and highly recommend the full two hours if time and budget allow.


My call to this work

I was called to do this kind of healing from the start, even if I could not fully see it within the first several years in practice as a healer.  But like many healers who walk and live the life of a healer, spirit and earth have been collaborating behind the scenes to shape, mold and form me from the start. The result is a blending of the gifts that the two practices I have been practicing separately for over 22 years have merged into one. The earth-centered embodiment practices that I learned and practiced offering massage therapy and the spirit-centered practices of shamanic healing and animal communication.


This merging has occurred over the past several years, while I have been in deep personal training with my spirit-shamanic allies. Learning directly from my wise spirit-shamanic ally’s ways the two practices could cooperate and be combined as one. My spirit-shamanic allies have taught me how to take shamanic journeys in ways that are embodied, how to tend to my presence and connect my spirit-energy into my body using my breath. They have taught me how to work with physical touch in ways that weave back together disconnections between the body and spirit-energy using presence rather than force. They have taught me that everything that exists outside of us, also can be found within. I am eternally grateful for their continued teachings.


Curious about this work and how it can help support you in healing? Email me to set up a 15 minute phone consult to discuss the possibilities. 

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About Joanna

Joanna is a honest to goodness, modern, urban medicine woman. She is a modern day Glenda the Good (from Oz) who runs just the perfect amount of fierce, fiery-earthy, Kali energy to get the job done. 

She is a soul weaver, healer and the author of Energetic Boundaries 101.

She helps clients navigate & heal the layers between physical & energetic, so they are in extraordinary, tip-top shape to live well and do the important work they are here on earth to do. View  schedule