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Energy Boundary Exercises 

I have lovingly recorded all of the exercises Energetic Boundaries 101, to enhance your energetic boundary practices. 

These exercises are kid friendly, are easy to follow along and support both beginners and advanced students in the practice of energy boundaries.


For best results:

Download to a computer first, then upload to your mobile device. 

Learn to feel your energy
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Centering your awareness
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The story behind these recordings

Created in heartfelt collaboration

These recordings were created in collaboration with Burke Mulvany of Sound House Radio. Burke creates his music from one of the highest points on Orcas Island, Washington.

In an amazing studio overlooking the Puget Sound, Burke intuitively layered hang drum and other percussion with the sounds of song birds and wind through the trees behind Joanna's offerings of the energy boundary exercise. 

The effect is a rich layering of sounds that holds and supports listeners while they explore their personal energies and learn about creating energetic boundaries.

The layered percussions hold space to listen in stillness or with free-form movement or dance.