Breath, Center Presence

Essential self-care tools that will help you feel like you again

Three online sessions starting Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In times of stress, challenge and change having tools to give ourselves nourishing energetic self-care whenever and wherever we need it, can go a long way in helping us feel centered, calm and steady.

In this class I will be sharing my most favorite shamanic self-care and energy boundary tending practices. Come to learn learn essential energetic care skills that will help you feel like you again.


Come… fill your cup

When our energetic self-care and energy hygiene is lacking, we can feel off, scattered, stressed and disconnected with the present moment and our intuition. Our natural energetic boundary also suffers. As a result we end up picking up energy and stress from others… creating further disconnections from the present moment and our own center.

In this class, I will be sharing my most favorite shamanic and energetic self-care practices to help you reconnect with your breath and feel more like your extraordinary self again.


Breath, Center, Presence.

Three - one hour video sessions that you can watch again and again…



Session one / Tuesday, June 11 / 6:00-7:00pm (PDT)

Breathing is more than something that we do or don’t do. When we build a relationship with it, our breath can be an inner ally that helps us connect with our center, our body, spirit and energy and the present moment.

Breath is also the first (and most often forgotten and under-tended) element of our spiritual practices. As our breath is the keystone that helps our spirit-energy feel safe enough to be in our body and to hear our intuition. Our well tended relationship with our breath is also one of the six foundational building blocks of our natural energetic boundary.

This class is not about learning new or special ways to breathe, but learning to build a loving relationship with your breath. This experiential class will give you tools and practices to help you notice and work with your breath as a self-care practice of centering and being present that you can use just about anywhere and anytime.




Session two / Tuesday, June 18 / 6:00-7:00pm (PDT)

For most of us, when we are stressed or having a hard time staying present, our awareness wanders away from center and the present moment. This can leave us feeling ungrounded and scattered.

In the second session, I will be sharing my most favorite ways of how to find and feel your own center, notice when you are not centered and how to center yourself in a few easy to follow steps. I will be guiding you on an inner journey of listening and working with your own focus, attention, intent and spirit-energy.

This class will give you vital energetic tools for your personal intuitive and shamanic self-care tool kit and help you know your awareness and guide it to center in the present moment so you feel centered, connected and present.

(You can preview some of the exercises I will share in this class on centering your awareness in my book, Energetic boundaries 101)




Session three/ Tuesday, June 25 / 6:00-7:00pm (PDT)

Our presence is created by the union of our spirit and our physical body meeting the present moment. Shamanic perceptive sees the present moment as being alive and constantly being created and re-created as a result of the sentient spirit-energy and physical matter that come together to collaborate, grow, heal and learn together.

Knowing how to feel our own presence and anchor it within the present moment is a vital component to maintaining our own natural energetic boundary. As well as a vital skill for anyone who works with intuition or the Spirit realms.

In the third and final session, I will be sharing the tools personally I work with every and guide you on an inner journey to help feel your own presence, get to know it and help you ground into and meet the aliveness of the present moment.


  Joanna provides an opportunity to practice resourcing skills in a very safe and nurturing environment.

She has a warm, grounded yet light-hearted energy and presents her information in such clear and understandable ways that you don't have to take notes lest you forget something.

You feel very much that she's sharing with you/letting you in on a process that she uses frequently, herself, and especially in preparing for the workshop. You feel that you've been invited to join the party.

~ M.W.


 Join me…

This is the class I wish I would have had access to years ago to help me learn to be in my body, centered and steady.

The self-care tools and guided energy meditations I offer are the same practices I work with daily for grounding, centering and energetic self-tune up’s.


Zoom Video

Class is offered via zoom video. so you can join from wherever you are in the world. As a bonus, you will also have access to the class replay so you can have access to these awesome self-care tools when you need them.

New to Zoom? No problem… once you register, I you will receive an email from me with a super easy to follow zoom guide to make sure your class experience is a smooth one.

Class fee of $65 to be paid via Paypal at the time of registration