Modern living leaves us little room for the ceremony to mark important life transitions, out side of birth, weddings and death.

However, between those major-life-markers, is a lot of living, personal evolution such as; career changes, divorces, the loss of a companion animal, new loves, lost loves and right of passage transitions related to age and change. 

Ceremony and personal rituals that honor the rites of passage moments within our lives are important, they build connection with our true self and soul and to spirit. They create sacred pauses, milestone markers to connect with our whole being, body, mind and soul for significant moments of growth and change. 


Shamanic Healing Rituals 

To create a custom rite of passage for you, we will meet in person or over the phone with the space for you to share about the transition you would like to celebrate or mark in a sacred way. I will ask questions about your spiritual beliefs so that all of who you are and your belief systems will be honored in the ceremony we create. I will also spend time working with my allies, nature and spirit to create a healing ritual or ceremony to help you in marking and honoring this moment in your life. 

Like healing, a custom rite of passage can be simple or more complex, it can be the two of us who create the ceremony or when appropriate and requested it can include people or pets from your supportive and loving community. 


I offer this healing work for:

♥ Mother and Daughter changes and transitions

♥ Changes in career starting and ending of careers, jobs or relationships with work

♥ Changes in relationships, new loves, separations and divorce 

♥ Death of a beloved pet ceremonies 

♥ Ceremony for life changes for girls and women, such as transitions from maiden to mother to wise crone


 15 minute consult

Let's see if we are a match to work together 

Set up a 15 minute phone call with me to chat about the potentials of working together.

Pricing for Custom Rites of Passage

One hour & a half $150 / 2 hours/$200

Package: $10 per session discount with pre-pay of 3 sessions