Energetic Preventive Care Sessions

Helping you develop a really good energetic medicine first-aid kit



Energetic preventive care sessions help you stay feeling energetically well while helping you develop good energetic hygiene practices and creating a really good energetic first-aid kit for yourself.

Life is full. We are regularly challenged and life is constantly asking us to grow, stretch and evolve out of our comfort zone. We need energetic preventive and self-care tools that are practical, that are reliable and we can implement on the spot and in the heat of the moment.


 “If you are sensitive to other people’s thoughts and energies then this is for you. 

These are basic life skills we should have been taught as children! If you have studied energy boundary work in the past, I just want to say that her work further clarifies things that were previously not totally clear for me. ”

— Jenny Macke


 “The work I do with Joanna is essential to my well being. 

The changes it has brought about physically, emotionally, and spiritually represent the healing artist that she is and I am even more grateful that she has introduced me to the healing artist I can be. ”


— Amber



I recommend sessions about 4-6 weeks apart to give you enough time to put into practice what we cover in each session. Each session is an hour long, and are the perfect amount of time to get to the mud of the challenge you are working with and create some new energetic tools and skills for you to transform it.

One hour session on a pay-per-session $100

One hour session with a three session pre-paid package is $90 per session


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