Hands on Energy Healing & Balancing 

Body, Spirit, Soul: Whole

From time to time, each of us needs a hand in reconnecting our divine physical being with our energetic rhythms pulses and our own inner song.  Hands on healing & balancing blends the richness of a shamanic healing with hands on healing, reconnecting, reweaving body with soul. 

Hands on healing sessions blend, energy balancing, physical touch, with shamanic techniques such as sound healing, soul reweaving and energy clearing. 


This work is ideal for

♥ Physical imbalances and illnesses that have an energetic root

♥ Safe spaciousness for processing energetic expansion, life changes and grief

♥ Reconnecting with the physical & energetic aspects of our being  after surgery, illness or physical injury 

♥ Tune up care between shamanic healing sessions 


What sessions are like

Hands on healing sessions are offered fully clothed on a cozy massage table.

We will start the session with a short chat where you will have a chance to share what you would like from your session. Once you are comfortable on the healing table, I will take a short shamanic journey, using my rattle to meet with my allies to learn the best approach to help you with your healing goals. 

The session will be a blend of shamanic healing techniques such as sound healing with tuning forks, Chrystal bowls, energy clearing, balancing, spirit healing with light touch. 

In sessions, I rely on my 20 years of experience offering massage therapy to weave in aspects of physical unwinding and physical into sessions, with energetic and shamanic healing.  The result is divinely, healing and comforting for both body and soul. 


15 minute consult 

Let's see if we are a match to work together 

Set up a 15 minute phone call with me to chat about the potentials of working together.

Pricing for Shamanic Hands on Healing 

 One hour & a half $150 / 2 hours/$200

Package: $10 per session discount with pre-pay of 3 sessions



My Washington State Massage Licence is # MA 00009303