Shamanic Clearing & Inner Alchemy

Everything evolves, our skins are shed, contracts end as life constantly transforms inside of us and in our world.

However, in our own process of natural personal evolution, sometimes things get a little stuck as we try to shed and and transform, and wiggle as we might to shed our chrysalis,transform, wiggle as we might, to shed our chrysalis, sometimes we each still struggle to free our wings. 

Energetic clearing helps to free us from that which keeps us stuck.

This healing work helps you clear and transform outdated patterns of fear, stress, and worry and creating shifts within our soul contracts. This type of healing is also often paired with a session to reclaim aspects of your being that have been missing or not yet accessible to you. 


Signs it is time for a Shamanic Clearing 

♥  When we have trouble centering, feeling like, or being our self

♥  We feel someone's energy with us, even when they are not around

♥  We are having trouble letting go of someone or a situation that we are ready to move on from

♥  We easily get caught up in others' drama, stress and feel it as if it is our own

♥  We feel ready to create something new for our self, however, feel stuck in our ability to create it


Healing is an unfolding, layer by layer

I work with the shamanic perspective that everything, all energy, all matter, is in a continual process of ripping and un-ripping.

It is with this perspective I work with my allies to compassionately release and transform energy, and lovingly returning it to source, or where the energy will receive the most healing and growth for it's evolution. 



Sessions are created with LOVE

In my work, I have found that Love creates faster and cleaner positive shifts and change than fear. In energy clearing sessions I work with love to renegotiate new patterns of being that support all involved.

Once the stuck energy has been cleared and transformed, we will work together to help you reconnect with your personal gifts, strengths that will help you feel whole, empowered and inspired to create positive change for yourself and your life. 



I offer energy clearing when my allies recommend it within a session.

If you are called to receive an energy clearing, please schedule a full two hour session so we have plenty of time to offer the supportive care needed to surround this level of spirit-energy tending. 

Thank you.