Essential life skills for sensitive people 

Energetic boundaries are essential life skills that give us the ability to have our own personal space and experience energetic autonomy.

Without energetic boundary skills, forming loving friendships and navigating connections with others can be challenging because without ways to discern what is us, vs others, we pick up their energy like a thirsty sponge. This can lead to burnout, fatigue and overwhelm. 


I offer tools that are rooted in compassion for self and other and will give you space to be you. 

In my book and sessions about energetic boundaries, I share with you practical ways of creating an energetic boundary with your own presence. I share with you energetic relational tools to help you understand the energy behind the dynamics that unfold in your interactions and relationships that can feel as though they cause challenges.

I work with energy sensitive and empathic people all over the globe giving them practical ways of shifting the subtle energy behind and within their interactions and skills to build relationships that are collaborative.



I would love to offer you...

-Help to reclaim your personal space and energetic breathing room

-Tools to prevent energetic overload and burnout that go hand in hand with being sensitive or empathic

-Energetic prevention to stop sponging up the emotions from everyone around you, while empowering you to show others empathy

-Skills to remain as intuitive and sensitive as you would like, but without picking up the energy, emotions from those around you in unsafe ways

-Embodiment tools to help you to step out of the roles of victim, persecutor or rescuer to equal collaborator in each and every interaction you have



What sessions are like

Sessions are fun, enlightening and rooted in compassion and non-judgment. You and I will work one to one, in person or over the phone. In the session we will look at the kinds of situations that challenge your ability to create and maintain your energetic boundary and create practical tools and energy exercise to create shift within your ability to stay present, centered and maintain your energetic boundary even during those challenging times.


Ways we can work together

One-to-one sessions

Sessions offer you the chance to work with me one-to-one. We will create custom tools and energetic boundary skills. 

In sessions we will cover the challenging situations that you struggle with, that overwhelm you or you have a hard time creating boundaries in and create custom solutions, to help you center, remain authentic and hold your loving boundaries strong.

Offered in-person at my studio in Bellingham, WA or over the phone. 



 Schedule a session 

Offered in-person or over the phone

Sessions are  60 minutes @ $100 /  90 minutes @ $150


Love notes about this offering ...

Joanna is a warm, thoughtful, and generous teacher who has made it her mission to share her skills, experiences, and resources with others who have a hard time surviving as sensitive beings in the real world.
— Lisa

If you are sensitive to other people’s thoughts and energies then this is for you.

These are basic life skills we should have been taught as children! If you have studied energy boundary work in the past, I just want to say that her work further clarifies things that were previously not totally clear for me.
— Jenny Macke

Joanna takes energetic work and brings it not only to the real world of everyday life, but also shows you how to connect to with your real essence and unique power in the world.
— Summer Star,