January 5th update: This class is full. Please check back....


Your tribe is calling you. 

We all need community. Community that can hold all of who we are as we tend to sacred matters of Soul, to experience being held in kindness as we practice and grow our shamanic journey skills. 

The gathering of the tribe offers friends, clients and students of mine to gather among friends and like minded folks to practice your shamanic journey skills, drum, and feed the most sacred aspects of our being. 


The Format of the gathering

5:30 pm Arrival & settling in, meet & greets & hugs

Drumming, rattling and singing together as a tribe

Opening of the directions to create sacred, safe space with our whole, embodied presence

Heart-centered, embodied shamanic journey following the rhythm of drums and rattles. Journey time followed by the creation of art or poems to help us integrate.

 Sharing of our take away from our time together in closing circle and closing the directions as a tribe

(The gathering will end between 7:00-7:30 pm depending on group size.)





Who can attend this gathering: This gathering is open to past and current clients, students and friends of Joanna's who have basic to advanced shamanic journey skills or in-body meditation experience looking for a safe community to journey with.  

Date of next gathering: Friday, January 19th 2018 5:30pm - finishing between 7:00- 7:30pm


Fee: $25. To cover cost of studio space and art supplies. Payable in advance via Paypal


Additional important information: This is a drug and alcohol free gathering. Please avoid drugs and alcohol a minimum of 24 hours prior to attending. This event is also a safe place for those with fragrance and chemical sensitiveness. Please arrive free of perfume, strong essential oils and clothing/blankets laundered in scented products like tide and bounce.   


Location: We will gather at my healing studio at 1903 Broadway and the space lovingly holds 8.  Signing up prior is strongly encouraged to assure your space. 


Sorry this class is full.