These rattles are co-created with spirit and earth to support you and your healing and journey practices. The the elements within the rattle, and the spirit of the rattle itself, has been harmoniously and collaboratively brought together to create a balanced, grounded shamanic tool that is as beautiful as it is energetically clear. 

These rattles have been birthed with pure love and clear intent, to complement the user's healing path, and journey practice with their uniqueness and beauty. 


Raw Ruby Rattle

Cow hide, on a devils club branch handle. Filling is Raw Ruby and Black Tourmaline. Adorned with red wool and golden thread. 

The raw ruby crystals in this rattle work with the user to enhance courage, enthusiasm and strengthening the immune system. The Black Tourmaline, crystals inside work with the user to boost happiness, luck and works with you on protective boundaries. 

This rattle was partially created under the August 2016 Pepcid meteor shower. The rattle hide head, was blessed with Cinnamon, Cardamon, Allspice, and Cloves. It is about 12.5 inches long.

It has a soft sweet joyful sound that is easy on the ears and heart. Perfect for journeying, healing and space clearing. 

$145 US dollars, (tax & shipping extra)

To purchase this rattle please contact me.

Starlight and Spice Rattle - Sold

This rattle is born from hand-dyed cow hide on a Dogwood branch that feels strong and delicate in the hand and is filled with an extremely grounding spice mix that fills the air with subtle aroma when rattled. Spice mix: Allspice, cinnamon, cardamon, mustard seed and cloves. 

This rattle embodies so much of the star light that it was created under during the very visible August 2016 meteor shower. The final product from the dyeing process created a subtle starry night pattern on the rattle head, with a few naturally occurring streaks on one side, much like 'shooting starlight' created by the passing comet when this rattle was created!  

The rattle hide head, was blessed with Cinnamon, Cardamon, Allspice, and Cloves. This rattle measures about 12 inches long. 

When rattled it creates a powerful yet delicate and very easy on the ears sound that is perfect for a daily or regular journey practice.  

$130 (shipping and tax extra)

To purchase this rattle please contact me.

Grounded, Earthy Transformation Rattle - Sold

This sweet hand-dyed cow's hide rattle has the transformed marks of the branding. It is mounted on a Devils Club branch who's bark stripped and used for medicine. This rattle has a sweet and strong presents and is ready to work with someone on creating grounded, earthy transformation.  

Its filling is a soft sounding blend of organic Mustard seed, and organic Mung beans. It is finished simply with hand-dyed wool and organic hemp that will fray and stretch as you learn, grow and transform with this rattle. 

This rattle was partially created under the August 2016  meteor shower and finished Fall equinox 2016. 
This rattle has been created with love, sacred intent, cleared with Sage and Love and blessed in a blessing bath with organic Cinnamon, Cardamom & Allspice. 

It measures approximately 13 inches and has a smaller handle for a delicate hand.

$145 (shipping and tax extra)

To purchase this rattle please contact me.

Custom Shamanic Rattles

I create custom rattles for shamanic journeying, healing practices, ceremony and for use in space clearing, and blessing. You can choose or supply the handle filling, a color range for your rattle head, and special adornments you would like to have a part of your personalized rattle. If you would like, in addition to the cost of the rattle, we can meet within the context of an hour shamanic session via phone or at my studio in Bellingham, to journey on the creation of a custom rattle for you as an added aspect of the creation and birthing of your sacred shamanic rattle. 

Custom rattle costs range from $120-$250 per rattle, depending on your requests and materials. To inquire about a custom rattle that you can choose the filling, type of handle and color of wool, please contact me directly.