The healing studio is safe and sacred place 

My cozy healing studio is located at 1903 Broadway in Bellingham, WA.

This is the space where I offer sessions both in person, where I conduct phone sessions and offer classes. 

The space is a safe space for those with chemical and fragrance sensitives.  


The building was just recently painted and our doors got a fresh RED new look!

I love then new red door and it helps make the space easier to find for new clients. 

Big Comfy Chairs 

These chairs hold space for BIG healing! These cozy chairs are where we will meet as we start our work together. As well as my work-space when I work with with people on phone sessions. 


Cozy Table 

This cozy heated massage table holds big space for hands on shamanic care and giving your body and spirit-energy time to reconnect.  

So cozy... 


Sacred space for  tending body, spirit-energy and soul

Here are a few images of the healing studio that are here to hold you in loving, sacred space for our work together.


A breath of fresh air! 

This space is a chemical fragrance free zone. No chemicals are used in the space for cleaning and visitors to the space are asked to avoid wearing fragrance of any kind to the studio. If you have senstivities to sage or essental oils, please inform me before your arrival. 


How find The Healing Studio

My healing studio is located at 1903 Broadway in Bellingham.

I am just west of The ReStore and across the street from The Fountain Bistro. Dr. Erin Simpson, D.C. is my neighbor to the west and she has really good signage.

This is a one story building that is set back from the street and is cream with brown trim and red front doors. 

Thanks for calling ahead, I see clients by appointment only.