Natural Energetic Boundaries

Create customized practices to feel centered, embodied and fully present

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Natural boundaries

A boundary designed by nature herself

In permaculture garden design there is a foundational principle that encourages gardeners to create as many edges as possible within the garden. The idea being that wherever there is an edge, there is possibility of a conversation occurring between two unique and separate things. These conversations of course, encourage biodiversity and of course productivity in the garden.

The natural energetic boundary practices I share hold similar practices to this concept of creating edges. Not edges who’s job is solely to divide and separate, but rather edges to create points of connection. In that the more intact your presence is, the more cultivated your inner-edges will be. This gives you more connection points to connect, converse and interact with both your inner world that which surrounds you and more opportunities for learning, growth and healing.

Natural energetic boundaries help you, be you

I offer methods to help you create and tend to you natural energetic boundary. The tools I offer are not the standard protection methods such as shields and walls. Rather collaborative and mindful practices that are created with presence and non-judgement and support you in being connected with others and richly resourced from within, like the kinds of boundaries that can be witnessed in nature. Such as the boundaries we can see in action when we witness a Cedar and Douglas Fir growing so closely, they are weaving around one another, yet all the while, remaining in connection with their own resources, presence and personal space.

The natural boundaries we witness in nature can help us grow beyond the energetic protection and war-far style of boundaries that are often taught us as healers and sensitive people to defend and protect ourselves. While the walls and shield type protection has served so many of us, so well, there comes a point when we are ready to grow beyond the chrysalis they have provided and I would love to support you in your growth and personal evolution.

“If you are sensitive to other people’s thoughts and energies then this is for you. 

These are basic life skills we should have been taught as children! If you have studied energy boundary work in the past, I just want to say that her work further clarifies things that were previously not totally clear for me. ”

— Jenny Macke

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I want you to be empowered

When our natural energetic boundary has been damaged or never fully developed, interactions, and even connecting with our own intuition can feel overwhelming. We too easily attract and pick up the unwanted energy and emotions from others. Leaving us to rely on harsh war fare type energetic protection methods, like energetic shields, walls and energetic protective bubbles.  

This is no way for you to live. 


I share natural energetic boundary skills because I want you to be empowered. I would like you to feel strength of having your whole being rooted into the present moment. I would like for you to know how to use your own breath to unite your physical body and your spirit, and how to navigate and even prevent subtle energetic power dynamics within your interactions and relationships, 


The natural energetic boundary practices I share are rooted and woven with embodiment, mindful and presencing skills. Which can help you create and tend to your own natural energetic boundary and connect with your intuition and tend to matters of energy and spirit in embodied, mindful ways.

Joanna is a warm, thoughtful, and generous teacher who has made it her mission to share her skills, experiences, and resources

with others who have a hard time surviving as sensitive beings in the real world. 

— Lisa


 Natural energetic boundary check-up quiz


Do you notice a regular disconnect between your breath and your body? 

Do you have difficulty distinguishing your emotions and energy from others?

Do you sponge up the energy and emotions from others to the point of overwhelm? 

Is it challenging for you to remain present and in your body in conversations?

Do your energetic sensitivities prevent you from doing the things you love and are passionate about? 


Yes? In just a few sessions we can create some custom tools and practices for you to tune up your natural boundary. 


What sessions are like

Custom fit energetic boundary skills created just for you

Sessions are rooted in compassion and non-judgment. In the sessions I will give you energetic exercises to help you create a natural energetic boundary and create custom practices to help you maintain it . We will look at the kinds of situations that challenge your ability to create and maintain your energetic boundary and create custom practical tools and energy exercise to help you stay present and centered even during those challenging times. 


Sessions are nourishing for your spirit and energy 

I offer my services to you as a mentor on a per-session basis, with each session full of new skills and tools building on the next with time between sessions for you to integrate and put into action what you are learning. My role is empower you, until you feel your work with me is complete.


It can be helpful to think of this work as a kind of retraining for your energy. As we work together you will learn how to hold and move your energy in new, balanced ways that allow you to remain centered, resourced and connected with your breath even when you are feeling challenged. 



Sessions are offered over the phone, Zoom video or @ my healing studio in Bellingham, WA

Yes!  I am accepting new clients, thank you!

energetic boundary mentoring

 Boundary skill building

Perfect for new clients for learning to create your natural energetic boundary and skills to maintain it

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Boundary skills & energy work

 Locate the holes in your energetic boundary and tend to them with the help energy exercises and intuitive practices.

boundaries for healers

 Boundary skills tune~ups

Perfect for building energetic boundary for a specific situation or relationship you are navigating.

Joanna takes energetic work and brings it not only to the real world of everyday life,

but also shows you how to connect to with your real essence and unique power in the world. 


— Summer Star,