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Energetic Boundary Mentoring

Essential energetic skills for sensitive people


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Finally! Energetic Boundary skills that will help you come out of hiding 

Natural energetic boundaries are essential life skills that give us the ability to have our own personal space and experience energetic autonomy.


Without energetic boundary skills, forming loving friendships, navigating interactions and having a healthy, balanced embodied relationship with our own intuition can be challenging because without ways to discern what is us, vs others, we pick up their energy like a thirsty sponge. This can lead to burnout, fatigue and overwhelm. 


Many of us have been taught energetic protection skills, such as energetic walls and energetic protective shields under the guise of being boundaries, such methods of how to hide, shield and protect ourselves. While these tools can be helpful to help us feel safe when we are really struggling, these methods are more akin to energetic first-aid,  than energetic boundaries. Energetic boundaries at their core are not methods of separation but rather points of embodied intentional connection and so they can offer us energetic preventive care, energetic wellness and energetic wholeness that we seek.

Hey Empaths!

“If you are sensitive to other people’s thoughts and energies then this is for you. 

These are basic life skills we should have been taught as children! If you have studied energy boundary work in the past, I just want to say that her work further clarifies things that were previously not totally clear for me. ”

— Jenny Macke

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Why Energetic Boundaries?

Energetic Boundaries at their core are sacred containers and when we have a well-maintained energetic boundary, it becomes our own, portable, sacred temple. A sacred temple that holds space for us to create loving and compassionate connections and interactions, while we equally maintain our connection with our own individuality and energetic autonomy. 


When our natural energetic boundary has been damaged or is under developed we may feel

~ A chronic lack of personal energetic space and energetic breathing room

- Feelings of being chronically overloaded by others energy and energetic burnout

~ Inability to distinguish what is our spirit-energy and emotions from others

~ An imbalanced connection to our intuition and empathic tenancies

~ Feeling as though you too easily sponge up others energy and emotions


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I want you to be empowered

When our natural energetic boundary has been damaged or never fully developed, interactions, and even connecting with our own intuition can feel overwhelming.

This is no way for you to live. 

I share natural energetic boundary skills because I want you to be empowered. I would like you to feel strength of having your whole being rooted into the present moment, how to use your own breath to unite your physical body and your spirit, and how to navigate and even prevent subtle energetic power dynamics within your interactions and relationships, 


The natural energetic boundary practices I share are rooted and woven with embodiment, mindful and presencing skills. Which can help you create and tend to your own natural energetic boundary and connect with your intuition and tend to matters of energy and spirit in embodied, mindful ways.

Once formed, your well-tended energetic boundary, can become your own sacred temple for your spirit-energy & physical body to unite.



Create Energetic Boundaries with your own embodied presence



Learn to create energetic boundary skills with your own embodied presence, breath and unconditional love and gratitude that allow and encourage connection and create space for your full being to meet the present moment and those you meet.


Interactions & Relationships rooted in balanced empowerment 


Learn how to transform how you rely and respond to the subtle energetic language of the 10 primary  "Energetic Survival Skills" outlined in my book "Energetic Boundaries 101. Including, Merging, cording, overpowering, shrinking, leaving your body, inflating, sending energy, energetic walls, entangling and grounding through others.




Develop a balanced and empowered relationship with your intuition and empathic abilities


Develop a healthy, balanced relationship with your intuition and transform how you tend to matters of spirit from being out of body to that of being fully embodied. Transform your role of being empathic from being one of a victim to being empowered and in control of how you feel the energy of others. 



Transform and evolve blame and judgment based protection tools


Learn the tools and skills to step out of the roles of victim, rescuer and prosecutor that are subtly woven throughout energetic protection tools such as energetic walls, energetic protective bubbles and shields.


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What sessions are like

Custom fit energetic boundary skills created just for you

Sessions are fun, enlightening and rooted in compassion and non-judgment. You and I will work one to one, in person or over the phone. In the session we will look at the kinds of situations that challenge your ability to create and maintain your energetic boundary and create practical tools and energy exercise to create shift within your ability to stay present, centered and maintain your energetic boundary even during those challenging times.


In sessions we will cover the challenging situations that you struggle with, that overwhelm you or you have a hard time creating boundaries in and create custom solutions, to help you center, remain authentic and hold your loving boundaries strong.

How many sessions do you need?

At the core of this work is you learning to be empowered and listening and following your own intuitive guidance. This is a possess and for most of us, is an ongoing one. Because of this, I offer my services to you as a mentor on a per-session basis, with each session full of new skills and tools building on the next with ample time between sessions for you to integrate and put into action what you are learning into your life. My role is empower you, until you feel your work with me is complete.

It can be helpful to think of this work as physical therapy for your energy. As we work together you will learn how to hold and move your energy in new, balanced ways. Like physical therapy some only need one or two sessions, and others need longer. 


Sessions are offered over the phone or @ my healing studio in Bellingham, WA

Yes!  I am accepting new clients, thank you!

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 Energetic boundary skills tune~up session 

1 hour @ $100.00

Perfect for building energetic boundary for a specific situation or relationship you are navigating.

energetic boundary mentoring

Energetic boundary foundation session

1 hour 30 minutes @ $150.00

Perfect for building a solid foundation and learning the basics of energetic boundary practices.

boundaries for healers

Energetic boundary skills for healers session

1 hour 15 mintues @ $125.00

Perfect for practitioners who want energetic boundary skills to help them in their practices.

Praise for this work

“Joanna is a warm, thoughtful, and generous teacher who has made it her mission to share her skills, experiences, and resources with others who have a hard time surviving as sensitive beings in the real world. ”

— Lisa


“Joanna takes energetic work and brings it not only to the real world of everyday life, but also shows you how to connect to with your real essence and unique power in the world. ”

— Summer Star,