Shamanic & Intuitive Consultations 

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Looking through the eyes of Spirit

For centuries humans have reached to spirit to seek guidance. 

I offer intuitive and shamanic consultations to help you navigate transitions and every-day challenges. 

I work both intuitively and seek the counsel of my spirit allies to help you navigate professional challenges, physical or energetic illness, imbalances withing your  family both current and within your ancestry, s well as within your animal family.



I offer consultations for 

♥ Consultations for professional and healing based business development 

♥ Locating imbalances and blocks within relationships & your life

♥ Exploring the energetic, spiritual and ancestral components to illness 


What sessions are like 

Everything has an energetic vibration behind it, much like the code behind a website. Sessions offer you the chance at a behind the scenes look a the energetic vibration of what you are working with and through.

In a session I will look intuitively or with the help of my shamanic allies at energy behind what is going on for you within present time so you can see the learning and growth that is available to you.

Sessions can take place over the phone or in person at my healing studio.  

These sessions will give you access to the bigger picture and a look at the energy behind it. However, these sessions are not psychic readings and do not offer you future predictions of any kind or tell you what to do.  It is up to you to make choices for you life, as you are the one who will live with the results of those choices.


 15 minute consult  

Set up a 15 minute phone call with me to see if we are a match to work together.

Pricing for Shamanic Consultations

One hour $100 / One hour & a half $150