Have you been feeling called to listen deeply?

The worlds of energy and spirit can be dynamic playgrounds for our learning, growth, and healing when approached with reverence and integrity. I offer my support as a guide to help you build a solid foundation in learning how to work with energy, and shamanism in grounded, heart-centered, practical and ethical ways.  


If you have been called to explore and listen deeply it can be helpful to have a mentor that will help you nourish your connections and guide you in seeking and finding that which you seek within your own heart. If we are match, I would love to lend a hand in helping you better understand your expansive experiences and navigate putting them to use with integrity and clarity. 


My role as a mentor

I have spent my life, learning to navigate the energetic and shamanic realms in balanced ethical ways. My teachers include both human and spirit. After a lifetime of learning and over 23 years of working within the intuitive healing arts, I firmly believe that the worlds of energy, shamanism, and intuition are available for all who seek and willing to give themselves the time and permission to explore.

My role is to offer tools and healing in ways that meet you, with honesty and authenticity. To honor you, in each interaction we have.  My role is to offer you the best I have to offer, to lead by example and encourage collaboration in ways that you feel honored, seen and supported as you heal and learn.

 My specialties for this work include


  • Heart-Centered Shamanic Journeying Skills: Learn to journey within to meet with and work with your power animals and spirit allies in grounded ways.


  • Animal Communication: Private training in building and working with the gifts of telepathy. Perfect for animal lovers, trainers, veterinarians and vet techs. 


  • Energetic Boundaries Skills:  Embodiment & boundary skills that are vital to work with energy, shamanism or anyone who considers themselves empathetic or intuitive


  • Intuitive Development Skills: How to work with and integrate your intuition into your healing practice in balanced, grounded and ethical ways


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What mentoring sessions are like

Our work together will start with your learning goals at the center of each meeting. We will build on your prior experience and knowledge. Each meeting we have will include time for questions, practice and you will be given homework to deepen your practice between sessions. 

Your goals for learning are vital as our time together will be spent working towards them. If you need a hand getting clear on what you would like to get from our time or have questions about how much time to schedule, please email me to set up a 15 minute consult before scheduling. 


I offer both individual sessions where you can ask your burning questions about energy. I also offer ongoing mentoring to learn to weave intuitive and shamanic practices, into your life or career. 

Private skill building sessions give you the skills to better understand and navigate the realms of energy, spirit with confidence and in ways that support your own personal healing. 



How we can work together

Sessions are created organically and are collaborative. You and I will work as a team and craft each session to match your learning style and build on your prior learning and experience. Sessions are rich in skill-building so your healing toolkit will be overflowing with resources. 

We can meet in my healing studio or over the phone. I offer both one time sessions as well as on going mentoring and package discounts. 

Pricing & Scheduling 

Pricing Options

60 minutes $100  /  75 minutes $125  /   90 minutes $150

On going mentoring: We can custom build a package plan when we are working together over the course of several months. Ask me for details. 

15-minute phone consult  

Set up a 15-minute phone call with me to chat about the potentials of working together.  

Email me to request a consult info@JoannaSchmidt.com


Love notes about this offering...

Joanna has a very warm way of connecting with students.

Her listening skills are excellent and can come back with clear answers. She has the ability to get the message across in a beautiful manner.
— Mike McCaffrey, L.M.P., L.A.M.P

I have enjoyed Joanna’s ability to help me blend my intuition and interest in animal communication with my professional work as an animal trainer.

She creates a safe space for you to try unfamiliar exercises and listens to your concerns with compassion.
— Celeste Patten, CTC, CPDT-KA www.theclevercaninenw.com

Over the course of our short time together I have noticed a shift in my awareness and that I am in the world differently than before.

I really appreciate that Joanna is able to tailor the sessions exactly to my needs at that moment and I am always very excited when it is time to see her again.
— Sabine Olsen, www.openheartreiki.ca