Extraordinary energetic support

for extraordinary healers

Feel centered, resourced and nourished as you do your important work


Your efforts are changing the world for the better

Let’s make sure you are in the best energetic shape possible

Professional healers and those of us who are sensitive and empathic need regular energetic tuning-up and shamanic care. To do our work well, it is somewhat of an unspoken requirement that we do our own inner work. This includes regularly cleaning out our energetic closets and evaluating, taking stock and transforming our relationship with that which we have outgrown. Which thankfully helps us create room for the nearly constant expansion and personal growth our healing work sparks to life for us.


Monthly shamanic and mentoring sessions help you

  • Check and mend blind spots in your energetic boundary

  • Keep your energy, intuition and heart-center well tuned so you feel whole, present and centered

  • Ongoing support and time to tend and tune your intuition

  • Navigate challenging client and ethical conundrums with professional peer to peer support

  • Build and fine-tune your professional tool kit for tending to sacred matters of spirit and earth

  • Ongoing support to do your important inner work of reclaiming, reconnecting and transforming


 “The work I do with Joanna is essential to my well being. 

The changes it has brought about physically, emotionally, and spiritually represent the healing artist that she is and I am even more grateful that she has introduced me to the healing artist I can be. ”


— Amber


I believe in the power of you and your healing work

And I love supporting and helping holistic healers & energy sensitives create exquisitely grounded relationships with intuition & spirit so you are centered, whole & resourced.

The work and support I offer is an extremely grounded and practical flavor of shamanic and energy work that will support you in doing your inner work and tending to matters of intuition, body and spirit with embodied clarity, ethical integrity and the perfect amount of humor.

I offer this work because I believe most of us need more ongoing support and a deeper, balanced and practical connection to our intuition than we give ourselves. As healers we know our inner work - is not optional. Yet so many put the most vital aspect of their practice on the back burner… and leave it until things start to burn! This is why I believe regular monthly ongoing support is vital.

This work gives you time each month, to focus on you, your growth and support you in centering, balancing and nourishing your whole being.


Monthly shamanic and energetic TLC supporting you

to feel nourished, centered and resourced

The beauty of monthly care is you can rely on the support and dedicated “you time”. Time to tend to your inner world, nourish your spirit-energy and tune-up your intuition.

And ongoing monthly care gives you something else… nourishing energetic preventive care for your spirit-energy. So you can transform patterns of burnout and evolve habits of picking up others energy and emotions - all while receiving support and new skills to remain in your center, deepen your connection with your breath, heart, intuition and spirit-energy.

I would love to work with you…

you are divine


Package discount option for healers

Extraordinary monthly energetic support to help you be centered and resourced

Package includes three - one hour sessions focused on you and your needs. In your session we can include any combo of: Energetic mentoring, shamanic practices, energy work, peer supervision and energetic boundary skill building. Sessions can be received in person, over the phone or zoom video.

Package includes: 3- one hour sessions over three months - $270

The fine print: When scheduling, please select “Pay later” when Pay Pal prompts. We will take care of the payment for the package fee with a credit card or cash at the time of your first visit. Packaged sessions are not transferable.



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When scheduling, please select “Pay later” when Pay Pal prompts. We can take care of the payment for the package fee with a credit card or cash at the time of your first visit.