About me

I have been shaped & molded  over the course of my lifetime to see, feel and collaborate with spirit and earth to tend to matters of intuition, spirit, energy, soul and body with profound reverence and awareness of the sacredness and interconnectedness of Earth and Spirit within the whole of all life. 


You can think of me as a modern-day Glenda the Good (from Oz) who runs just the perfect amount of fierce Kali energy to get the job done.  In my work, I combine earth-based (shamanic) practices with rooted in-your-bones-and-body embodiment practices to help you tend to matters of spirit, intuition and soul in ways that feel practical, grounded, relateable and helpful.


Why I do this work

I believe in embodiment. I am on a mission to help intuitively inclined and sensitive people on this earth, embody their spirit-energy into their body and life, in grounded, practical, rooted ways. 

I believe in balance. Balance between heart & mind and between Body & Spirit. I am on a mission in this lifetime to bring balance to the at times unbalanced ways we are taught to relate to matters of spirit and animal communication. 

I believe in the power of practical. It is my mission for all of my offerings to be rooted in practical, daily life. I offer sessions that are transparent, meaning I share with you what I am doing and why, and I strive to use every-day, plan language to describe things to support this transparency. 

I believe in collaboration. It is my mission to transform the outdated ways of power-over-other-dynamics that too many spiritual and teaching modalities function from. I collaborate with my clients, students and spirit allies as equals. 

I believe in you. I believe in you, your gifts and your free will and power of choice. I believe you are here on earth, just like the rest of us, to do something amazing. To do something that supports the whole of all of life in one way or another, be it feeling empowered to treat others with kindness to feeling supported to communicate with the animals in your life. You matter in the world and I believe in you.


My approach

In my 23 years of offering body and energy work, I have learned that this work requires not a process of power over, but a process of meeting as equals.

My role is to offer tools and support in ways that meet you, with honesty and authenticity. To honor you, in each interaction we have.  

My role is to offer you the best I have to offer, to lead by example, walk in integrity and ethical thoughts, words and actions in all aspects of my life, seen and unseen. My role is to encourage collaboration in each of our interactions, sessions, classes and correspondences in ways that honor you, your ancestors, your descendants, your life, and beliefs. 


My Education  

My first teachers in intuition and animal communication, came directly from nature, the spirit and fairy realms. In addition to my strong spirit and animal teachers, I began my formal training in the physical realm in energy work, Reiki and intuitive development starting at the tender age of 12. A profound experience of learning, I still hold close to my heart. 

Over the past 23 + years, the focus of my professional training within the field of intuitive and shamanic arts has been received in private and group apprenticeships, thousands of hours of class time, initiations by both human teachers and spirit. The focus of my studies includes shamanic practice, breath and mindfulness, intuition, bodywork and massage therapy, physical and energetic anatomy, energetic boundaries and ethics, animal and nature communication and earth-healing.

Even after years of extensive study, I still consider myself a full-time student. I am blessed with a passion to learn and have been blessed with many strong teachers and allies.  My teachers both spirit and human have taught me both technique and how to walk with integrity and honesty,


I am both a Minister and a licensed L.M.T, in the state of Washington.  

Washington State Massage Licence is # MA 00009303


Outside of the studio

I practice authentic movement and dance, spend time deep in the forest with my husband and dogs every chance I get. I listen to just the perfect amount of punk rock music to keep me on my toes.

I live in beautiful Bellingham, Washington with my beloved Steve, my husband of over 17 years and our animal family, Sue a black-labish dog who really loves a good run in the woods, Bernard a chow–bulldog mix that can bark louder than anyone I know and our beloved house-cat Miss Kitty, who loves playing fetch and embodying the role of  house cat extraordinaire.