Reconnecting & Returning to Your Own Heart Center 

Intuitive & Shamanic Guidance, also known as Shamanic Divination is a powerful healing tool.

As a healer, I rely on these techniques to help you see deeper into what is before you when stress and life prevents you from hearing your own intuitive voice.  

In a session, I share with you, what I see within the subtle energy and spiritual influence that surrounds challenging situations, relationships, changes transitions you are currently navigating and the possibilities before you for healing and growth. 



Intuitive reading Bellingham, WA

What an intuitive- shamanic guidance session offers you

Sessions help you see the possibilities that are surrounding your life, relationships healing and growth when life's fullness prevents you from finding this clarity within.  Sessions offer you the chance to see difficult, and important situations with neutrality so you can create choices that are from a clear heart-centered place. 

Everything I share with you, in a session will relate to your life, in this moment. These sessions do not offer predictions nor will I tell you what choices to make for your life. But rather help reconnect you with your own clarity so you feel more centered to make the choices that are best for you. 


Sessions are offered both on their own as an hour session, or as a part of a shamanic healing that could included soul retrieval or energy clearing. Sessions can be conducted over the phone or in person in my healing studio. 


Pricing for Shamanic Divination 

One hour/ $100/ One hour & a half $150 / 2 hours/$200