Shamanic Bodywork

Shamanic Embodiment sessions for Women

Spirit-nourishing care for your whole being

My bones and my flesh are my
for my spirit to learn and experience
what it means to be home. 



Earth meets Spirit, they fall madly in LOVE

Our bodies are temples that require and deserve sacred tending with presence and kindness. 

Shamanic embodiment sessions are a blending of two healing art forms, shamanism & physical hands on healing-touch. The combination produces a profound body-spirit nourishing experience. 


Reconnecting body and spirit layer by layer... 

Sessions combine fully-clothed (no oil) soft unwinding of connective tissues that support your connection to your breath and presence in your body with shamanic elements of energy clearing and soul weaving.  Sessions help your body and spirit communicate, collaborate and work together as one unified team. 


Sessions weave together: sound-healing, energy balancing, shamanic elements of energy clearing, soul weaving and soul retrieval and energetic boundary and embodiment practices.  


Your active participation is at the heart of these sessions as you learn to root and anchor your spirit into your body and reconnect with the present moment.


I bring to the healing table over 22 years of experience in massage therapy, intuition, energy and shamanism. In sessions, I rely on my full presence, breath, and intuition in addition to my shamanic allies to create and hold space for your healing and re-connection with your body and spirit. In sessions, I rely on my full presence, breath and intuition in addition to my connection and collaboration with shamanic allies to create and hold space for you. These sessions are profound and can create deep shifts in how you relate to your body, spirit and life. 


What these sessions do not offer

These sessions are not full body massages, nor are they 'space out of your body feel rub downs'. They are not deep tissue or treatment medical massage. While there can be a lot of healing in those modalities, this is not what I offer. 

Rather sessions incorporate elements of hands-on bodywork throughout a shamanic session and weave elements of (no oil) fully clothed touch to help you anchor, ground, and root into your body.


Body-centered shamanism for women

Sessions are offed at my healing studio in Bellingham, Washington.

My studio is a chemical perfume and fragrance free zone and is a safe place for those with fragrance sensitivities. 

Sessions offered 90 minutes @ $150  or  2 hours @ $200




I offer a very limited number of these very special sessions a month and schedule them personally (rather than via my online schedule.) Please contact me directly to schedule. 



Washington State Massage Licence is # MA 00009303




"Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and moon as well as all the pilgrimage places...

I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body."  

~  Saraha