Blending Earth & Spirit

Shamanic embodiment is the combination of two exquisite healing practices, spirit-centered shamanism, and earth-centered embodiment. The foundation of this healing work is rooted in the understanding that we are spirit and we are also earth, and both aspects of who we are, are sacred and need to be honored with reverence. 


As a shamanic embodiment practitioner, I blend the shamanic practices of meeting and working with shamanic-spirit allies and shamanic journeying with embodiment practices of presence and living fully-in-body. The result of this blending is a profoundly layered practice of healing that holds space for the wholeness of being.  


Shamanic practices as in-body experiences 

I have learned from my shamanic spirit-allies and teachers over the years, how to journey in-body. Meaning I follow the rhythm of my drum or rattle and journey into my own heart center to meet with them and collaborate with them to create healing for others. This style of journeying is a bit different in that it remains an embodied experience, rather than an out-of-body one.


My shamanic spirit-allies have taught me how to work with breath as a method to feed presence and a profound connection to our body. They have taught me how to offer healing in ways that meet my clients as an equal collaborator in their healing, and healing methods that empower in addititionaddition to creating transformation.


Shamanic embodiment healing practices 

As a shamanic embodiment practitioner, I work with elements of both practices to help heal the disconnects that can form between earth and spirit, between our physical and spirit-energy. I work with breathing techniques, energy healing and gentle massage to help reconnect with center and presence and create heal the disconnects between body and spirit-energy. I work with shamanic healing techniques such as soul retrieval, soul re-weaving to help reconnect with hidden or forgotten gifts and the clearing and transforming of energy that we have outgrown to make way for the new. I encourage and support re-connections with intuition with body-centered practices and I work with animal communication to help reconnect and mend alliances with animal companions.  


My call to this work

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I was called to do this work, from the start. Even if I could not see it during in my younger years and the first 22 years of practice as a healer.  But like many healers who walk and live the life of a healer, spirit and earth have been collaborating behind the scenes to shape, mold and form me from the start.

I was born wired to see, feel and sense energy, spirit, faeries and nature spirits. I was taught by nature-herself starting at a young age how to communicate with animals, trees, and elementals. I was blessed with parents who encouraged and supported my etheric tendencies and offered the chance to learn healing skills at the tender age of 12. 


In my early 20's I was guided to learn and offer body-centered-massage therapy healing in 1996, My massage therapy training sparked a curiosity and love for the physical body, and how we move, how we are put together and how we can connect in ways that honor our humanness. I have spent thousands of hours of class time of learning about the body and soul, massage therapy and shamanism and shamanic healing. I have been lovingly held and taught by my teachers both physical in the classroom and spirit in shamanic journeys vision quests and meditations, all the while the two practices of shamanism and embodiment quietly walking side by side but rarely touching, until that magic moment where the two practices began to seemingly, spontaneous collide in healing sessions. 


Over the past several years, I have been in deep personal training with my spirit-shamanic allies. Learning directly from my wise spirit-shamanic allies ways the two practices could cooperate and be combined as one. My spirit-shamanic allies have taught me how to take shamanic journeys in ways that are embodied, how to tend to my presence and connect my spirit-energy into my body using my breath. They have taught me how to work with physical touch in ways that weave back together disconnections between the body and spirit-energy using presence rather than force. They have taught me that everything that exists outside of us, also can be found within. I am eternally grateful for their teachings.


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My Washington State Massage Licence is # MA 00009303