We are divine, resilient beings

For the most part, our spirit-energy does a fantastic job of sorting things out when life gives us heaping scoops of challenges in an effort to help us grow, stretch and evolve. Most of us, most of the time are master inner-alchemists and self-healers, but every now and again life offers us so much at once, we struggle to keep up with the amount of inner change that is required to remain feeling whole in heart and soul. 


Shamanic healing practices help remind us of our own self-healing powers. 

Shamanism helps us tend to our spirit-energy for when this very felt yet ethric aspect of who we are feels bruised, unbalanced, uncertain, and out of sync with our life and the natural flow of the universe. It helps us look deeply within and tend to some of the most vital and tender aspects of who we are so we feel like our graceful, creative, dynamic and passionate self again. 


Shamanic sessions give you sacred, supported space and assistance for tending to spirit, soul & energy. Shamanism offers energetic care in the form of energetic first-aid for your spirit-energy after a loss or major life change as well as supportive on-going energetic support to support your tending to your spirit-energy as you work with other practitioners to heal the many layers involved healing a chronic illness.



My role as a healer

I work with energy with heart-felt transparency, clarity, and joy.

It is my role as a healer to offer your whole being my full attention and to work with you with profound reverence for you, your story, your journey, your allies and all those who came before you and all those that will come after you. 

It is not my role to heal you, but to guide & support you in your healing and remind and awake your inner gifts of self-healing you need at this time. 


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Shamanic Services Offered  

The offerings listed are a few examples of the shape a healing session may take. Given that healing is a layered process for most of us, sessions most often blend several modalities to support you in transforming that which holds you back, and return you to wholeness and in many cases more than one healing session may be needed to meet your goals. 


shamanic soul retrieval

Soul Retrieval & Soul Reweaving

Helping you to reconnect, reweave & rewire your inner, spirit self. 

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Shamanic Clearing, Bellingham, WA

Energy Clearing & Inner Alchemy

Releasing & transforming energy that is no longer serving you, opening space for what you do want

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Shamanic Hands on Healing for women

A blending of shamanic healing techniques with hands-on energy work and fully clothed massage.

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Ways we can work together 

Sessions take place at my healing studio in Bellingham, WA or over the phone.

 Initial Sessions:

90 minutes $150   /  2 hours $200



A little about shamanic healing & shamanism... 

Shamanism is a nature-based system of healing that has roots hidden within most cultures on earth. Shamanic practices seek to create balance with the dynamic interconnections between plant, animal, human, nature, and spirit. 


My personal roots in the shamanic arts are grounded in my shamanic ancestral roots in Finland and Slovenia, as well as a lifetime of extensive training in earth-based spirituality and 'modern-urban' shamanism.  Following the principles nature and spirit, I help clients navigate and transform the energetic aspects to every-day problems including; professional challenges, physical or energetic illness, imbalances within their current and ancestral families, including animals and pets within the family.


Healing is Co-created with Earth & Spirit

In healing sessions, we will work between the seen and unseen realms, guided by trusted helping allies, to help you shift and transform aspects of your life and spirit that feel out of balance, are missing, or forgotten. Within this sacred space, we will locate and repair the tears, breaks, and misalignment within the delicate aspects the subtle energy of your spirit and life. 

Sessions are rooted in collaboration. In sessions, you and I will be working as a team with trusted spirit allies to create shifts, transformation and personal growth that are in alignment with your healing goals.  

Praise from clients..

Missing piece soul tracker Joanna has helped me, she’s helped my friends, and she can help you, too.

One sweet, healing, woman with a lot of magic in her medicine bag
— Terry D.
I’m feeling as though a weight has been lifted.

I notice that I have significantly more energy now and I feel motivated to start taking care of myself again.
— Natasha
My heart feels full and whole.

I am grateful for your caring ways as you assisted me in reclaiming my power. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
— Dawn
The work I do with Joanna is essential to my wellbeing.

The changes it has brought about physically, emotionally, and spiritually represent the healing artist that she is and I am even more grateful that she has introduced me to the healing artist I can be.
— Amber
Thank you for so openly sharing your light, your love and your wisdom.

Thank you for leading me down new paths.
You have my highest respect.
— S.J.