Shamanic Healing for Pets 

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Helping Animals Heal 


Shamanic healing is a healing modality that heals the connections between the aspects physical and spirit.  


In healing sessions I work with my shamanic spirit-allies to help your animal heal. I work to create healing within the subtle energy that is creatingissues your animal is struggling with. This can be within a known trauma, injury, illness or unknown issues. traumas, injuries or karmic patterns that occurred before you met them. 


I offer shamanic healing for animals for:

Healing from traumatic experiences from the past

Mending grief from a loss 

Mindful transformation of imbalanced behaviors

Support of conscious end of life transitions 



What a shamanic healing for your pet is like

Shamanic healing for animals is offered at a distance. In a session, you and I will be on the phone. I work with shamanic healing modalities to help your animals reclaim their courage, trust, and gusto for life, release grief, and reconnect them with their ability to feel safe in the world. 


Sometimes profound healing can happen in one session, however, like our own healing, animals heal in layers and several sessions are needed to restore healing and balance.


In a session, we will start by communicating with your animal friend within an animal communication session. Then with the permission of your animal, I will take a shamanic journey to my helper spirits as I rattle a soft shamanic rattle that will hold space for the deep meditative states I work in. In my journey my allies and helper spirits will work to heal the spirit of your animal and the subtle energy imbalances behind that which they are struggling with. I will keep you informed of what my allies and I find and what we are working with. Healing modalities may include soul reweaving, soul retrieval, energy clearing and releasing or karmic or past life repattering.  


To finish, we will discuss tips for integrating the healing work and tools to put the changes made in your animals spirit-energy into the earthy, physical world. 



I offer this work on a charge per time basis.

After the first hour, if we require more or less time than scheduled, fee's are rounded to the closest 15 minute increments. 

Initial session: 60 minutes  $100 / 75 minutes $125  / 90 minutes $150