Please note: There are many differences in the way each shamanic practitioner works and offers healing. What I share here are simply the ways in which I work with the practice. 


Shamanism is a nature-based system of healing that has roots hidden within most cultures on earth.

Shamanic practices seek to create balance with the dynamic interconnections between plant, animal, human, nature and spirit. 

My personal roots in the shamanic arts are grounded in my shamanic ancestral roots in Finland and Slovenia, as well as a lifetime of extensive training in earth-based spirituality and 'modern-urban' shamanism.  Following the principles nature and spirit, I help clients navigate and transform the energetic aspects to every-day problems including; professional challenges, physical or energetic illness, imbalances within their current and ancestral families, including animals and pets within the family.


Walking between worlds

At the core of shamanic practice is the understanding and reverence for the interconnections of all that is, plants, animals, earth and spirit, heart and soul. This includes a profound understanding of the illness and imbalance that can be caused when there is a disconnect or imbalance within the web of life. Whether that be within an individual and their connections with aspects of their own being or life, or a disconnect or imbalance with an aspect with nature, an element, spirit or earth. 

Shamanic healers are masters at navigating between the seen and very real and felt unseen realms of spirit. We are masters at walking with a foot planted firmly in each world, earth and spirit, physical and non-physical. In healing sessions we work with our allies who live within this in-between space, to weave back together the misalignment between the two. To reconnect the broken connections or create a new balance where imbalance is found. 


Disconnections and imbalances can occur from trauma, shock, stress, trapped grief, rage or anger. They can also occur from a life unlived, forgotten dreams and squashed creativity and passion. 


Within a shamanic healing, shamanic practitioners navigate the profound spaces between spirit and earth to reweave, heal and balance that which needs tending and repair. Then collaborates with their allies to create a home care plan or home work for their clients to help integrate the healing and suggestions for altering habits, thought and living patterns that created the imbalance if needed. There are countless modalities with the tool kit of shamanic healers to to their work, to bring back into balance and re-member that which has been forgotten. 


In sessions, shamanic practitioners use the quick rhythm of a drum or rattle, to embark upon a shamanic journey. This rhythm helps to temporally dissolve the perception of separation between our physical reality and spirit, allowing us to do our work along side of our spirit helpers. The quick rhythm changes brain waves from every day patterns of Beta to the deeper dream states of Theta. The rhythm of the drum or rattle also creates an auditory separation that holds space for the healing ritual. much like chanting or song may do for others connecting with spirit.    


In a healing session, while I drum or rattle, often  I will encourage my clients to journey along side of me, to actively engage within their own healing process. The shamanic journey is an inward journey that feels much like a lucid dream state. Personally, I practice shamanic embodiment. Meaning all of my shamanic journeys occur within my own heart and body, rather than leaving my body. I have learned over the years of doing this work that everything that exists outside of us, also exists within us as well. 



Why people seek the help of shamanic healer

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The disconnect or imbalance I shared that shamanic healers work with can feel very different to different people.  For some it is noticeable right away and for others the symptoms linger for years and years before they are loud enough for people to hear them and choose to seek assistance. Here are a few of the complaints I hear from clients...


- a feeling of being out of sync with life, or what they are passionate about

- a disconnected feeling from a vital aspect of who they are or their life's purpous

- feeling as if they are living in full or part, someone else life

- as though they are making choices that are not in alignment with their full integrity 

- odd illness that do not respond to traditional medical care

- unwarranted anxiety or fear that disconnects them from what they love 

- difficulty connecting with aspects of our own being, such as a body part or our intuition or spirit

- challenges seeing a clear path forward and making choices

- chronically stuck emotions that impede living that do not transform with the help of a councilor  


Choosing a shamanic healer 

Each and every healer is different in how they offer healing, what they believe their role is, and how they work with spirit. When choosing a healer to work with, it is important first and foremost that you feel comfortable with them. Do you feel at ease? Do you feel seen? Do you feel your own personal beliefs are being honored?

I encourage you to choose a healer that feels like a good match for you. A healer that offers you the right amount of support and encourages the right amount of growth for you. 



Love notes about this offering

Missing piece soul tracker Joanna has helped me, she’s helped my friends, and she can help you, too. One sweet, healing, woman with a lot of magic in her medicine bag.
— Terry D
Thank you so much for your wonderful healing ways. I am back and loving this beautiful world again! I feel more present and at ease than I have in many months. You create beauty and love in this world with your thoughts and loving intentions.
— Ina
I’m feeling as though a weight has been lifted. I notice that I have significantly more energy now and I feel motivated to start taking care of myself again. I’ve even lost a few extra pounds that I had put on. When I’m with Mom I am not reactive; I feel compassion for her but I haven’t been drawn into any of the emotional traps that were so distressing to me before I went to see you. The sense of closure is almost palpable and it’s such a relief.

Thank you again for working with me and helping me prepare to move on. I’m very excited to see what the future holds!
— ~Sincerely, Natasha