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Shamanic Healing & Inner Alchemy

Healing & tending to the energetic connections between body & soul



Embodied shamanic healing helps you reconnect body & soul 

What inner resources would you like to reclaim? 


Embodied shamanic healing is a flavor of shamanism that is profoundly rooted and focus on rebuilding and tending the the connections within us, between body and soul, mind and spirit and breath and presence. This helps you tune inward with clarity to reconnect and reclaim vital inner resources and heart-centered gifts to assist you in you in tending and healing your spirit. 


Sessions are profoundly empowering and collaborative and support you in feeling centered, rooted and deeply connected with your own vital life force.  Sessions support you to reclaiming lost, forgotten and undernourished aspects of your energy, spirit and soul, support you in transforming and releasing that which you have outgrown, and building a stronger union and balance between your physical body and energy, spirit and soul. 



“Missing piece soul tracker Joanna has helped me, she’s helped my friends, and she can help you, too. 

She is one sweet, healing, woman with a lot of magic in her medicine bag”

— Terry D.


Why Embodied Shamanism?

Embodied shamanism offers tools to explore and transform our intricate inner world created by the connections of our body and spirit.  It helps us to look deeply and closely at that which we are feeling out of balance within and resource and create a new balance for ourselves.  


When it is time for a shamanic session we may notice

We are ready to make a change, but feel a little stuck

 We are unable to fully access all of our gifts, strengths and courage

 We notice or sense an imbalance within ourselves or a disconnection between our body and spirit

 We experience an inability to express our self with voice, dance, and movement, and creativity

 We are having trouble letting go of someone or a situation that we are ready to move on from

We are ready to transform or deepen our relationship with our self, with Spirit, Earth and our allies

 We need a hand reconnecting with our own intuition and connection with our allies

“I’m feeling as though a weight has been lifted. 

I notice that I have significantly more energy now and I feel motivated to start taking care of myself again.”


— Natasha

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My role as a shamanic practitioner

I work with energy with heart-felt transparency, integrity clarity, and joy.

It is my role as a shamanic practitioner to offer your whole being my full attention and to work with you with profound reverence for you, your story, your journey, your allies and all those who came before you and all those that will come after you. 

It is not my role to heal you, but to guide & support you in during your own natural healing process and remind and awake your inner gifts of self-healing you need at this time. 


About me

I am a soul weaver, a tender of connections between spirit & earth, soul & body, breath & heart. 

I have spent a lifetime being molded and shaped by Spirit and Earth to do this work, in addition to thousands of hours of in class time with human teachers. I work with shamanism in embodied, co-created, collaborative ways and am always learning and exploring ways to share this profound work in accessible, practical, balanced and ethical ways possible.  I offer shamanic clearing and transforming energy, soul retrieval, soul reweaving, shamanic divination, home and land clearing and blessing.  You can read my story here

Ways we can work together

Sessions are offered over the phone or  @ my healing studio in Bellingham, WA or


Please note: I am currently accepting new clients. To assure we have enough time for your first session, when scheduling please choose the 2 hour option. 

Shamanic & energetic tune-up session

1 hour @ $100.00

For when your in a good place in life and would like a little energetic or shamanic support to help you remain feeling resourced and whole.

For returning clients only.

TLC for your spirit and soul session

1 hour 30 minutes @ $150.00

Spacious, supportive energetic TLC for the aspects of your spirit-energy that are feeling overworked or underfed.

For returning clients only.

Shamanic & inner transformation session

2 hours @ $200.00

For when you are working on or through "something big" and would like supportive shamanic & energetic care as you heal & transform

For new and returning clients. 

“The work I do with Joanna is essential to my wellbeing. 

The changes it has brought about physically, emotionally, and spiritually represent the healing artist that she is and I am even more grateful that she has introduced me to the healing artist I can be. ”


— Amber

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Disclaimer: Shamanic healing is an ancient method of supporting people to self-heal by tending to matters of spirit and soul. Shamanic healing can be complimentary to, but is not a replacement for modern medical care, psychological or mental health care.

I am a practitioner of shamanic healing arts and as a licensed massage therapist, I am not a councilor nor am I physician. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions or provide mental health care. While work with spirit and soul and energy can be wonderful complimentary practice to medical care and mental health care, the work I offer to tend to matters of spirit and soul,  in no way replace the need for medical and mental heal care.