Helping you tend to the Sacred, Mystical and Intuitive

(and feel empowered, embodied and resourced as you do)


Where Body and Spirit Meet

When our body and spirit meet, magic happens. We feel resourced, whole and complete. Yet this grand merging of who we are is not an easy thing and for many of us is a regular on going practice that requires courage, patience and plenty of support.

Yet process of learning to embody our spirit into our body and life is layered and requires courage! As soon as we feel we are near mastering it. our allies of Spirit and Earth will heap on life experiences (and sometimes challenges) that require us to stretch and grow and invite even more of ourselves to meet the present moment.

I lovingly weave and blend intuitive, mystical, embodiment and spirit based practices to support you in navigating the meeting of body and spirit. I offer practices that help you center and root your spirit-energy into your body in life with the goal of supporting you in feeling as unified, whole, present and resourced from within as possible.

Vital and essential energetic care

that feels like a nourishing-energetic-honey-balm for your spirit and energy

This work is not just a novelty. It is not about fortune telling or spiritual escapism. Rather it is a practice that helps us regularly nourish our whole selves in ways that honor who we are, those around us and nature with ethical reverence. It is about boldly reclaiming, tending, nourishing and working with our mystical aspects of who we are in profoundly grounded and practical ways that equally honor our earthly body and planet.

And this kind of energetic care is vital for sensitives, empaths, healers and caregivers. This work helps you stay centered, steady and connected to your body, inner gifts, intuitive resources and the present moment. It helps you see and tend to with the energetic blind spots in your natural boundaries and transform the areas you have trouble tending to with your own self-care tools. Sessions help you transform energetic attachments, reconnect you forgotten with inner gifts, strengths and resources, weave thinning areas of your natural energetic boundary back together, and tune up your spirit and energy so you feel replenished and equipped for the important work you do for others and the world.

“The work I do with Joanna is essential to my wellbeing. 

The changes it has brought about physically, emotionally, and spiritually represent the healing artist that she is and I am even more grateful that she has introduced me to the healing artist I can be. ”


— Amber

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What inner resources would you like to reclaim? 

While we are learning to embody our spirit into our body and our whole-self into our daily-life (and even moment to moment) we are given regular opportunities to renew our connections with forgotten gifts, lost and under nourished aspects of our spirit as well as shed and release outgrown spirit and energetic connections.

What inner gifts of your spirit and energy are you ready to remember and integrate into your life? Creativity? Steadiness? Clarity of voice? Or perhaps a renewed personal connection to that which you consider sacred? 

What are you ready to shed to create room for these reclaimed gifts?

“Missing piece soul tracker Joanna has helped me, she’s helped my friends, and she can help you, too. 

She is one sweet, healing, woman with a lot of magic in her medicine bag”

— Terry D.


What sessions are like

The embodied journey is at the heart of this work

At the heart of this work is the heart-centered journey. In a journey I follow the rhythm of a rattle or drum and journey to my heart-center to meet with my team of spirit allies. In my heart, I stand in a large circle with my all of my allies, including power animals, spirit-teachers, plant and fairy allies and ask for their guidance and support in assisting you.


In my journey my allies help me see you through their eyes and from their unique perspective. Upon completing the journey I share all that they shared with you and then we get to work to balance and tend to that which is in need of tending. In sessions you and I will work with our Spirit and Earth allies to help you reclaim lost, forgotten and undernourished aspects of your spirit and release and transform that which you are ready to work with .


Sessions are very participatory and most often include some form of shared or guided heart-centered journey, skill building and or ceremony all of which offers you the ability to be an active participant in your own transformation process. 

“My heart feels full and whole. 

I am grateful for your caring ways as you assisted me in reclaiming my power. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

— Dawn K.


I am a soul weaver, a tender of connections between Spirit & Earth 

I have spent a lifetime being molded and shaped by Spirit and Earth to do this work, in addition to thousands of hours of in class time with human (and spirit) teachers. I work with healing practices in embodied, co-created, collaborative ways and am always learning and exploring ways to share this profound work in accessible, practical, balanced and ethical ways possible.  

I approach matters of Spirit and Earth with heart-felt transparency, integrity clarity, and joy

It is my role is to offer your whole being my full attention and to work with you with profound reverence for you, your story, your journey, your allies and all those who came before you and all those that will come after you. 

It is not my role or within my scope of practice to heal you, diagnosis you or to replace medical care, nor is it my role to read your future. Rather it is my role is to be a supportive ally as you tend to matters of spirit, energy and soul, to help you build grounded and honorable connections with Spirit and Earth and offer you remembrances of your inner gifts and support you in reclaiming them in balanced and grounded ways.

You can read my story here

What is a practitioner of the shamanic arts?

A practitioner of the shamanic arts is someone who has been trained by human teachers and spirit allies to work with and tend to matters of the sacred matters of Spirit and Earth with ceremony, rituals, inward journey work, sound and energy work in ways that encourage health, balance and wholeness working with Shamanic practices. As a practitioner of the shamanic arts, I help people tend to connections with that which they consider sacred and navigate the subtle, energetic aspects and currents behind changes and challenges in ways that encourage presence, wholeness and mindfulness. I help people work with their own intuition, energy and spirit in balanced, ethical and practical ways. And I serve as a bridge, negotiator and translator for people and their animal friends.

I am not a native american healer, nor do I practice or appropriate or claim to be a holder or keeper of the sacred traditions of native peoples of North or South America. The word shamanism originates from the Tungus Evenki language from Siberia. The words shamanic and shamanism used in modern day describes practices of people who navigate, work and serve as intermediaries between the seen and unseen worlds. My work with the practices of navigating and bridging the seen and unseen realms is rooted and anchored in my own ancestral healing traditions from Finland and Slovenia and blended with modern techniques and modalities intuition, energy work, massage therapy, telepathy and animal communication, sound healing, embodiment, mediation and inner journey work. I am also a Washington state licensed massage therapist and Ordained Minister.

Shamanic session options


Spirit & Energy Tending

A blending of heart-centered journeying, custom ceremony, intuitive and embodiment practices to support you in your inner transformation tending to matters of spirit, energy and soul

Offered: At my office, over zoom video or over the phone

Energetic Boundary Tending

Create and tend to your natural energetic boundary. Session combine energetic boundary mentoring and intuitive and energy work to help keep your boundary in great shape

Offered: At my office, over zoom video or over the phone


Hands on Energy Balancing

Intuitive and energy balancing session includes a blend of hands on energy work, Reiki, and sound-energy-work with drums and singing bowls

In person sessions offered at my office

Scheduling Recommendations 

Even when life feels like smooth sailing, for sensitive people and those who work within the field of the healing arts I recommend monthly sessions. With monthly care, you will feel more centered and resourced enough to be the creative, wild and connected human you want to be.

For those times you are working through something “big”, or life has offered you a bigger than normal challenge, I recommend coming in every 2-3 weeks (for just a few sessions) so we can boost your level of support and help you balance and steady yourself as you uncover and reclaim the gifts your current challenge is offering you.

Packages for healers: For healers with active professional healing practices, including, but not limited to: mental health councilors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, shamanic practitioners, veterinarians and vet techs I offer package rates for shamanic and energetic boundary sessions. View package rates here

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“I’m feeling as though a weight has been lifted. 

I notice that I have significantly more energy now and I feel motivated to start taking care of myself again.”


— Natasha

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Disclaimer: Spiritual, energetic and intuitive, animal communication consultations, energy balancing and energy work are ancient methods of supporting people to tend to matters of spirit and soul. These modalities can feel like a rich, honey laced balm for the spirit and soul and can be complimentary to, but is not a replacement for modern medical care, psychological or mental health care.

I am a practitioner of the mystical, intuitive, shamanic arts, animal communicator and a licensed massage therapist. I am not a councilor nor am I physician. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions or provide mental health care. While working with spirit and soul and energy can be wonderful complimentary practice to medical care and mental health care, the work I offer to tend to matters of spirit and soul,  in no way replace the need for medical and mental heal care.