Balanced steadiness - Rattle

Balanced steadiness - Rattle


Handle: Dogwood

Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide

Insides: Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals, hibiscus blossoms, cinnamon and Cacao Nibs

Finishing: Hand dyed wool, with a paper cord tie and adorned with blue eyelash yarn

Sound: This rattle is full, it holds so much goodness! Some is soft, some is firm creating a strong layered sound. Given how full this rattle is, each time it is rattled it takes several shakes for the contents to settle and harmonize. Then it's sound is soft, lush, layered and lovingly grounding,

About this rattle: To embody balanced steadiness means one has learned to include the fullness of their being into every inch of their life and to live with the grace it requires of one to shake and dance themselves into harmony moment to moment. The fullness of this rattle is symbolic of the fullness of ourselves when we are whole and lovingly so, requires a fair amount of shaking and dancing for the contents to settle and find its own rhythm each time this rattle is played.

The rattle was blessed with Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary and Angelica

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