Fennel & Salt - Rattle

Fennel & Salt - Rattle


Handle: Devils Club

Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide

Insides: Fennel seed & Himalayan pink salt crystals 

Finishing: Hand-dyed wool and hemp cord which will fray over time

Sound: The combination of the filings produce a soft, layered, clear, grounding sound. It sound is softer than many rattles, yet is strong enough to hold space for your mediation, journeying and sound healing practices.

About this rattle: The colors of the hide are spectacular. Greens nearly the color worthy of The land of Oz. This strong rattle is filled with Fennel and Himalayan Pink salt crystals and embodies a strong and steady energy. 

The rattle was blessed with Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary and Angelica

*color of this rattle is shiny! However, color may vary from photos 

Shipping and handling available within the USA for $20 extra

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