Hibiscus & Chocolate- Rattle

Hibiscus & Chocolate- Rattle


Handle: Devils club
Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide
Insides: Hibiscus flowers, Cacao Nibs & Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals 

Sound: The combination of the filings produce a strong, earthy, juicy layered clear sound. Yet still softer than many rattles. Lovely sound for mediation, journeying and sound healing.

Finishing: Hand-dyed wool that will fray over time and purple cord made from really strong paper

About this rattle: This rattle is luscious!.It embodies and radiates the energy of balanced Earth and Stars and encourages an embodied balance between the seen and unseen worlds. 

The rattle was blessed with Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary and Angelica 

 *color may vary from photos 

Shipping and handling available within the USA

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