Raw Moon - Rattle

Raw Moon - Rattle


Handle: Devils Club

Hide: Hand dyed Deer hide

Insides: Raw Ruby crystal shards

Sound: This is the strongest sounding rattle I have made. The raw Ruby inside produce a clear, precise and raw sound when rattled. Perfect for healing, journeying clearing and sound healing.

Finishing: Hand-dyed wool and green twine finish that will fray over time and adorned moon shaped beads


About this rattle: This rattle embodies pure authentic rawness, from the unpolished raw rubies within, to the tidy on one side and fraying on the other moon bead finishing! This rattle holds the reminder that the strongest learning, healing and growth steams from owning, embodying your raw unkept shadow.

The rattle was blessed with Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary and Angelica

*color may vary from photos 

Shipping and handling available within the USA for $20 extra

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