My second book is nearly complete...

When Spirit & Earth Meet

Embodied Spiritually + Energetic Boundaries + Heart-Centered Shamanism

I have been doing big, deep work as I loving been writing and birthing my second book. This book is an guide book to embodying your spirit into your body and life.

It is the telling of the story of the epic love affair between Spirit and Earth and the profound gifts that are birthed into being as a result of their loving union. Lovingly woven throughout are embodiment and presencing practices to help you create a strong, loving and flexible energetic boundary with your own presence to support your inner spiritual, shamanic and intuitive explorations. 

This is the book I wish I had access to 20 years ago and I am so proud that is is nearly ready to be born. It is an empowerment tool at it's core. As it lovingly holds us as we transform our spiritual, intuitive and shamanic explorations from being that of disconnected out-of-body experiences to being embodied ones allowing us to remain in intimate connection with our breath, bones, body and the present moment. 


As the elements circle and collaborate...

The book is in the final stages birthing and I am blessed to be collaborating with an amazing team to help with editing, illustrations and cover design. As well as working with  Deborah Koff-Chapin, an amazing artist and founder of touch drawing and Soul cards and Soul touch coloring books who will be creating the cover art for this book.


I expect this book will be complete Summer 2018 and available in book stores in the Fall. Meanwhile as this book prepares to be born, you can stay involved by signing up for my monthly newsletter for updates, release dates and details on the very sweet book blessing ceremony that is currently being planned to welcome this book to the world and into the hands who have been craving the intuitive and embodiment tools it offers.