The Birth of an Epic Love Story....

My second book, "When Spirit & Earth Meet” is nearing completion. I am in the final stages of writing and polishing it before sending it to my editor for final edits and reviewing. 

I am so excited to share this book with you!  It is the book I wish I had access to in the early and mid-stages of developing my intuition and explorations into shamanism. The process of writing this book has been profound for me. Each stage of writing has lovingly stretched me and sparked an internal evolution within me, in addition to transforming the ways I collaborate with my Spirit and Earth allies, call on my intuition and practice shamanism. 
When complete, this book will offer you support and guidance to unify the aspects of your spirit self and your earthly physical body. It specifically focuses on the first layer of this reunification, the rebuilding of the sacred container that forms our natural energetic boundary. 
The book is packed to the brim with embodiment practices to help you embody your spirit into your equally divine physical body, nurture your connection with your intuition and create a loving, natural energetic boundary. In addition to all of this wonderful goodness, my favorite part of the book is the love story that is woven throughout the book, that tells of the sacred connection between Spirit and Earth and the gifts that are sparked into being as a result of their union.    
The following is a raw, still forming, short excerpt of the first section the love story between Spirit and Earth.  I hope you enjoy it!


When Spirit & Earth Meet

© 2018 / Joanna Schmidt


In the beginning…

we existed in dark, stillness.

Great cycles of time passed,

bloomed, seeded and faded, again and again.

Immense cycles of time passed, that were rarely noticed.

Until something miraculous occurred.

Spirit and Earth met.


It was a chance meeting, but one that held magnificent possibilities.

As when their eyes first met,

their hearts began to beat stronger, then race.

And when their hearts joined in love,

the first flicker of light was sparked into being.

As a result, the suns began to shine,

the stars created a radiant tapestry across the night sky,

and comets would light the whole sky afire as they passed.

It was this very first meeting of Spirit and Earth,

when they fell madly in love.


They loved one another so fiercely, that each and every time they met

they would passionately dance.

They would wildly spin and twirl around each other

falling deeply into each other’s loving embrace.

It was within these first wild passionate dances

that Spirit and Earth gave birth to Breath.


Despite their love, others in the universe scoffed at the union

between Spirit and Earth.

Some even tried to forbid it.


Yet the love between Spirit and Earth was strong.

Their love affair continued, and soon after

came their second born, Presence.


Presence and Breath were an inseparable pair.

As Spirit and Earth witnessed the two, their hearts spilled over

and their third and fourth were born, twins…

Unconditional Love and Gratitude.


Others in the universe begin to notice the growing family

and many tried to separate them.

But the union of Spirit and Earth was strong, tremendous and fierce,

and in no time their fifth was born,

who they named, Intent.


This book is a love story

of the marriage and loving union of Spirit and Earth,

and the gifts created within their passionate dances and collaboration, including:

Breath, Presence, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, and Intent.


Throughout this book are scattered seeds of remembrance…

Seeds of remembrance to assist you in nourishing

the union and collaboration of Spirit and Earth within you.

Seeds to assist your tending to wholeness of heart, body, and spirit.

Seeds to assist you in nurturing the spark of the gifts that your humanness

brings to the tapestry of the whole of life.


May these seeds be tended and nurtured with kind and loving hands,

as they sprout, unfurl, grow and bloom into wholeness of being.

And may these seeds and that which they spark,

 be offered the gift to continue to evolve, transform and shift gracefully

to that which is next.


Joanna Schmidt


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