One-to-one sessions

I provide intuitive and shamanic support to help healers and the energy-sensitive do your important inner work so you feel centered, resourced and clear.

My work is exquisitely grounded, practical and rooted in the present and is centered around helping you tend to the sacred and often subtle matters of intuition, energy and spirit with transparency, compassion, ethical integrity and humor.

With the help of technology like Zoom calling, I can work you anywhere in the world.

Session options

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Intuitive & Shamanic Consultations

Resource & Embody

Tend to your connections with your breath, body, spirit and soul and re-member your whole being into wholeness. 

Natural boundaries

Energetic boundaries & self-care tools

Center & Align

Create the kind of energetic boundaries that support connections with your own presence, breath and intent. 


Communicate with your animals

Connect & Collaborate

Communicate with your animal friend's and animal teachers about your shared learning.