When was the last time you held your voice? 

Do you remember that feeling of your vocal cords contracting? Or perhaps you felt the contraction in your heart or spirit... This is EXACTLY what we will be working with in this Saturday’s Embodying the Balanced Feminine Journey Circle! And for those out of the area or who can’t make it to this journey session, I have a special incentive for you.

Sign up for a two hour session to work with me one-to-one via phone or in person in my healing studio. We will combine our embodied intuitive, mystical and shamanic efforts to reclaim, cultivate, nourish your embodied balanced voice. The session will support you in your deep inner work of reclaiming your gifts of voice and balancing shadow - and we will work with all of the layers I will be sharing in the journey circle on 9/15 except you will have my full, personal and undivided attention that only a private session can give you.

In your session we will journey together to our heart to do the important reclaiming, cultivating and empowering of your embodied balanced voice.

I want you to feel empowered to speak, share your story and tell it like it is…

I believe in the importance and power of doing our inner work to create change both in our own lives and outwardly for the world. And I want to support you in reclaiming and cultivating your connection with your empowered voice so you can speak up and share that which is in your heart.

Schedule in the next two weeks for a two hour session focused on empowering your connection with your voice for a special price of just $180.

The fine print: This offer is valid for 2 hour sessions with me- with the focus on embodying balanced voice - for sessions to be used before 8/28/18. / We all have and run feminine energy, for this reason, this work and this special incentive is open to women, men and gender fluid identity. Questions? Send me a note